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WTF are you talking about? Salzburg is in Austria. Red Bull is an Austrian company. What have the swiss got to do with it?

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Added a comment about photo Rampage Pro Bike: Kelly McGarry's Diamondback DB8 10/14/2013 2:49 AM

He's supported by Shimano and they can't even get him Saint?

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Added a product review for 2013 Specialized P.3 Bike 10/11/2013 5:59 AM

Ripper Bikes


The Good: Weight, Build, Looks, Ride

The Bad: Price, Brand Premium


***I only rode this bike for 2 days in the bike park, this is not a thorough review***

With that said, we got along great. I got the chance to ride the 2014 P3 at Winterberg Bike Park, in Germany for a weekend in October 2013, and i really liked it. I rode it on the pumptrack, dirt jumps, and on two of the jump trails, the Bell Freecross and the Continental track.

Things I liked:

-Handled great. I'm not 100% sure what it was, but even at (relatively) high speeds it was fairly stable, and the Specialized Slopestyle tyres it comes with a grippier than they look. I managed to scare myself a few times on the faster, higher speed corners that required a fair bit of commitment, but it saved my butt every time.

- Fork is great. Rockshox nailed it with the Solo Air Argyle. Adjustable, light enough, stiff enough, no fuss. Tracks where you point it, can be set plush enough for braking bumps and similar rubbish, but also nice and firm for big jumps.

- Colour. It looks great. It's bright and in your face, but it looks sick. Not so good when covered in mud though (we had two days of consistent rain, and it was pretty muddy).

Things I didn't like:

- Price. I love this bike, but I do wonder where the extra cash goes, against a similar model from another brand. I think there's a certain brand premium turning up at Spesh the last couple of years, and yes, they make great bikes, but damn, the S on the headtube is starting to cost good money!

***As I only rode this bike for 2 days, i can't comment on reliability or durability, but I imagine its quite good, like all the Big S's park/dirt bikes have been***

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Added a product review for Answer ProTaper 780 DH Handlebar 10/11/2013 5:45 AM

Answer Protaper DH,


The Good: Strong, well priced, nice and wide, comfortable hand position.

The Bad: Lighter options available (but more expensive)


STATS. So, Answer have been around for a while, they make a bunch of Moto stuff, and their bike stuff isn't half bad either. The 780mm Protaper DH is, as the name suggests, their downhill/FR (does FR even exist anymore?) bar. It weighs in around 335gm, so its not super light, but it's not as heavy as some offerings either, and it's price is definitely competitive. The Protaper DH utilises a slightly flatter and straighter design (8 degree backsweep, 4 degree upsweep) compared to most bars (9 degree x 5 degree) and at 780mm wide are on the restrained side of the width war (some brands have made it out to 830mm). I'm not an expert on body geometry, but this design felt good to me, keeping my hands down low and in a comfortable position.

PERFORMANCE. On the trail these bars were faultless. My hands were comfortable on 15minute DH runs, and they kept me in control in hairy situations many a time. They weren't so stiff as to transmit every last jolt into my palms, but that being said, I never noticed any flex during riding (for reference, I'm 80kg/186cm). They just sat there, looked good, and got on with the job.

Durability was also good, surviving two bikes, countless DH/AM/Slalom runs, and a few hectic crashes. The paintwork held up quite well (much better than the Atlas, and a bit better than the Gravity 800) and stayed looking fresh for ages.

OPINION.I'll be blunt about it, I love these bars. I've had a few big bars (Gravity 800, Funn Full On 750, Race Face Atlas) but these were definitely my favourite so far. I'd recommend them for anyone looking for a solid bar on a big big, and would also consider putting one on a burly 6in bike.

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10/9/2013 7:52 AM

Added a comment about photo WINNING BIKE: Nico Lau's Cube Stereo 160 Super HPC 27.5 10/7/2013 3:32 PM

lucky this one didn't crack on him...

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thinkdrastic, i don't reckon you're far wrong there...

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Added a comment about feature Win a RockShox BoXXer World Cup & Vivid Rear Shock - Vital OTB 2013 World Champs 8/29/2013 12:10 PM

Jared Graves 3:50.00
Rachel Atherton 4:29.95

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Added a comment about video Steep 7/1/2013 11:30 AM

having hiked that area last year, massive props. seriously gnarly terrain. we hiked the route from Strbske Pleso to Zakopane over the western Tantras, through the pass north of Satan, there's some amazing terrain hidden in there. Has anyone ridden any of that route?

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