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That was a cool video! loved it.

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Excellent. 10/10.

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Booomers !!!

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It seems like every northern hemisphere off season I see so many vids of Under riders ripping the hell out of their trials. I figure that next UCI will be dominated by the South. Then not much happens. Is stylish ripping fast looking riding actually the slow way down the hill? I don't get it. I...more

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Sorry Guys !!! WWWhat !!!

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Grew up as a track cyclist and road rides for training and never worn Knicks with padding ever. I've been MTB for 15 years and haven't worn padding ever, just compression pants for help with cramping. In my opinion a saddle that fits your arse is the ... more ยป

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Way to sign off on a great year, you guys add so much to this global sport. Cheers and Ill have a drink for ya's See you again in Cairns !!!

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Cant wait for there to be a generational change in the UCI and get some of these trippers out of the decision making process

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Show the Rennie tow in it was up there

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Nothing about Simcik, again? No one saw his backflip in his 2nd run? One place ahead of Messere and one place behind Pilgrim and still no one mentions him...such a shame!

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Hate to rain on your parade but no one said he was the first to do it on a bicycle. It clearly says in the title "World First on MTB?"