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awol12's Product Reviews

Added a product review for Kenda Nevegal Tire 4/30/2014 5:08 PM

Not The All Arounder They Claim to Be


The Good: rolls downhills well, good drip on softer trails, wears well, good range of tire pressures

The Bad: lots of rolling resistance, not good going up hill, slippery on hardpack,


I have this in 2.35 Stick-E, but don't find to be all that sticky. Like others have said they are also on the heavy side. On the hardpack this tire doesn't grip the best, but when the ground is a bit soft in the early spring or after a decent rain they dig in quite well. Definitely a good tire for going downhill on softer trails, but a bit to much for peddly trails, going up hill more than slightly or serious hardpack. I have been impressed with how they have worn and I have had no problems with sidewall tears, or knobbs tearing off. I have also been impressed with the range of pressures these tires can take, as low as 26psi and as much as 30psi. Definitely could be a lot worse.

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Added a product review for FSA Step-Up Crank With Bottom Bracket Oe 4/9/2014 6:37 PM

Heavy, Heavy, and Heavy!


The Good: they pedal

The Bad: heavy, cheaper alloy construction, limited ability to modify


These cranks came as OEM on my bike, as it seems they do on many other mid-level bikes. I have ridden them for two yours with no major problems, but also haven't fallen in love with them. The crank arms are really thick which puts on the very heavy side for a double ring and bashguard. I have also had very limited luck with changing these in anyway from how they came. While I understand that the cheaper the product, the less you can do with it, I can't even find a good way to remove the bashguard to lose a little weight. I've looked around and can't even find a shim or spacer from FSA that allow for removal the bashguard. On the upside though, they do pedal smooth, I have smacked them off a few things with only scratches and scuffs to show for it and the heavier weight should make me stronger when I switch to something lighter down the road.

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Added a product review for WTB Pure V Race Saddle 4/9/2014 6:24 PM

Comfortable and Lite - Poor Construction


The Good: Comfortable and lite

The Bad: tears easily


Have ridden on WTB seats for 10+ years and have always loved them. Picked this seat up on sale and to replace an old seat that getting uncomfortable. When I got it I was happy with the construction, comfort, and weight. On rides it feels good and when you are in the saddle it soft enough to not hurt, substantial enough you don't feel like you'll fall off, but thin enough in the right places that it doesn't rub and you are able to slide around on it when you need too. The big problem has been the poor construction. The model I have came the "diamond" corners on the rear that are supposed to be tear/rip proof; this isn't so. Both rear corners have tears in them after one season of riding. I haven't even put the bike down that hard and I ride dirt trails, no major rocks are other debris. I contacted WTB about this and was surprised to be told that this was considered normal wear (after only one season) and would be covered by any warranty on construction. Still using it now, but will be looking around for something better as the tears are getting larger as the seat is used.

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Added a product review for Hayes Stroker Ryde Disc Brake 4/9/2014 6:09 PM

Cheap Price and Cheap Quality


The Good: Inexpensive

The Bad: Low quality, no power, cheap alloy construction, wiggly handles


Came as OEM and were one of the first items to go. These brakes have no modulation and the only way to get any feelings is to pull them to the bars. And since the handles have a really wobbly, wiggly feel I felt like I was always going to break them. Since they were OEM I thought that maybe there was a bit of air in the lines and that was causing the modulation/power issues so I bleed them. Bleeding did little to nothing at all. Another problem I ran into was the cheap alloy handlebar clamp bolt. The head of the blow is extremely thin and takes absolutely nothing to strip. When trying to make a simple adjustment I stripped a bolt when applying hardly any pressure to loosen it. This was really annoying and took multiple emails to Hayes which resulted with the suggesting of getting a new one at the hardware store. Back in the day Hayes used to be it, but these are brakes a fine a example that they good days may be gone.

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Added a product review for RockShox Domain 302 Fork 4/9/2014 5:48 PM

Not the Worst. But Definitely Not the Best.


The Good: Thru-axle, rebound adjustment, travel adjustment, 35mm sanctions, smooth travel down

The Bad: bouncy, no compression adjustment, bottoms out in lowest height setting


This came as the OEM on bike and I haven't the money to purchase a new fork. I don't hate this work, but I definitely don't love it or would buy it as an aftermarket choice. The overall looks and feel are good, minus the very bland chrome sanctions. Fork travel is smooth when compressing, but bouncy on the rebound. I made adjustments to both the travel and rebound, great to have those available, but haven't found a sweet spot that really works well for me. This fork is also very bouncy while pedaling, both on flatter ground and when going up hill. I try not to do to much pedaling up hill, but when I do have to this fork bounces like crazy when you move even a little bit of weight forward. I have also found that when the travel is cranked all the way down the fork has a tendency to bottom out a bit to easily. Since finding this I have kept dialed all the way up to the 160mm setting and left it alone. I will say though on the positive side, it is a strong fork with little to no flex. The 35mm sanctions keep it strong. I also love and have had no problems with the 20mm Maxel. Overall I would definitely not steer towards this fork When money becomes available this will be an item getting replaced asap.

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Added a product review for Race Face Respond Handlebar 4/9/2014 5:26 PM

Great Bar, Great Price from Iconic Brand


The Good: Wide, lite, strong, very little flex (if any), clean graphics, rise options

The Bad: more color options would be great


Love this bar! Was looking for something with a low rise and a bigger width, but  didn't  have the money to drop on the more expensive Atlas or Turbine models. When I got the bar I was a tad skeptical if it would live up the Race Face name for the low price; I am not skeptical anymore. The width is great; not crazy wide, but not XC skinny and the low rise is a perfect feel and position. The width opens up the cockpit a bit and feels great for turns. The added width gives some good added leverage to get up and over things. The bars are strong and lite and I have never felt any flex in them whatsoever. I wouldn't definitely recommend these to riders on a budget or anyone not worried about color options. I would say though that I would definitely throw down a few dollars more on this bar if Race Face were to offer some colors besides black.

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Added a product review for ODI Lock-On Grip - Rogue 4/9/2014 4:57 PM

Too BIG a Grip!


The Good: Grippy, wear well

The Bad: Too thick and very hard compound, very little feeling, cause hand, arm fatigue, scary small lock-on bolts, spinning on bar


Rode with the Rouges for two years and was always happy until I switched. Found after switching that these grips were too much. The grip compound is hard and thick which translates to very little feeling while riding. The thickness and hardness, I found after changing, actually made me grip the bars harder which caused more hand and arm fatigue while riding. Also found that, that extra grip caused these to loosen up the lock rings and start to spin overtime. I always tightened down to suggested torque, but still has issues and always was a little concerned about over tightening the small bolts ODI uses on the lock rings. I ended up changing to ODI Ruffians and would not go back to these again.

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Added a product review for Deity Enoki Grip 4/9/2014 4:45 PM

Best Grips Ever


The Good: Mushroom style supper grippy, comfortable, lock-rings hold strong, included bar end caps

The Bad: flanges can get in way of shifters


Like many have always run with ODI, but I thought I would give the Deitys a shot. Was totally worth it! Mushroom grip is great. Never feel like I am going to lose grip and are just as comfortable on a short and long ride. Lock-rings are strong and use a larger bolt compared to ODI, so don't worry about stripping them. Love that Deity includes the bar end caps, like that the just fill in bar hole instead of cover over the entire bar end; lock-ring and all. And you can't beat the price! $20 is inexpensive and replacements grips are even cheaper! Love these and will be staying with Deity for the long haul.

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Added a product review for Shimano XT M772 Shadow 9-Speed Rear Derailleur 6/2/2013 2:45 PM

Smooth Operator


The Good: Clean shifts, reduced chain slap, different cage lengths

The Bad: No clutch, no barrel adjuster


This derailleur showed up as an OE part, but the XT name is always appreciated when looking into Shimano parts. This derailleur is a good mid to mid-high level 9-speed derailleur option. On the trail the derailleur is very quiet and smooth. The Shadow Tech does a really good job of limiting chain slap, I only really hear noise over the really rough stuff. This shifter also moves very well. If you have it set up properly you won't find this derailleur under shifting or over shifting.

One complaint would be the lack of a clutch, found on the Shadow+ derailleurs. I know you can get the clutch with an upgrade, but it would be nice if Shimano had one derailleur with all the tech in one line instead of 2 or 3 different derailleurs under the XT name. My other little gripe is no barrel adjuster on the derailleur. I know this is kind of an old school thing, but I always liked having the little extra bit of adjustability if the barrel adjuster at the shifter wasn't enough.

Overall another awesome derailleur from Shimano that would be comfortable on anything from am XC to a DH bike.

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Added a product review for Shimano SLX SL-M660 Shifter Pod 6/2/2013 10:31 AM

Mid-Level Awesomeness


The Good: Two way shifting (push/pull), custom side to side positioning, crisp index shift, easy to use cable port

The Bad: All plastic casing, no shift level adjustment, no I-Spec compatibility


The SLX shifters came as OE on my bike, but I have been really impressed with what Shimano has done with them. They are a very good choice for a mid-level shifter. My shifters are a 2x9 set up with no gear display. Shifters have a nice crisp index shift, that isn't too hard or too soft. Once you are in a gear you know, and it's definitely not a shifter that will allow you to be in between two gears. Do wish they came with a lever reach adjustment, but this is a feature that you'll find on more expensive shifters.

These shifters do have one really nice custom adjustment feature. The SLX shifter pod and handle bar bracket are two separate pieces. By doing this Shimano also made it so the shifter has multiple side to side positions allowing you to "slide" the shifter closer or further out. Wish that these shifters would have been included in Shimanos new I-Spec, but the SLX SL-M670 I is.

One last thing is the ease of service. The shifters, like many, have a small hole in-between the shift levers for changing out the shifter cable. I recently did this and was done in no time at all. Just make sure to take your time putting the cap back in so you don't strip it out, it is only plastic.

Overall I think this are a great mid level shifter and in the year I have had have done me well. These are shifters that once replaced will definitely be kept as a back up or make their way onto another build.

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Added a product review for ODI Ruffian Lock-On Grips 6/1/2013 3:38 PM

Good Feeling Grip, Some Lock-On Ring Concerns


The Good: Knurled/diamond pattern, thin grip, great feel, plenty of grip space, no hand slippage

The Bad: Lock-on bolts strip easily, thinness causes quicker wear, bar end caps pop off


Switched from the ODI Rogue to the Ruffian for more feeling, which the Ruffian definitely offers. The Ruffian still sticks with ODIs' tradition of strong grips with great sticky rubber. The Ruffian is a thinner grip pattern that offers a lot of bar feeling, but you don't feel like you are ever going to lose your grip. Also with some thinner grips you feel like to have to hold on tighter since there is less material, but this isn't the case with the Ruffians. I have had these for a year and haven't seen a whole lot of wear, but imagine with less material there will be less life.

One big complaint I do have is in the lock-on ring department. I got the Ruffian grips as refills because I already had the ODI lock-on rings. In my past experience the rings popped onto the grip easily and stayed on. With these Ruffians I actually couldn't just snap on the lock-on ring like in the past. I could get on side of the the lock-on ring on, but then the other side wouldn't snap in. I ended up using a rubber mallet to "massage" the lock-on ring on to grip. While not the greatest way to do it, it worked.

Another issue I have is with the head size and strength of the lock-on ring bolts. While I know these need to be small and light it is really easy to strip these out. Definitely have to be very conscience of how your are tighten them and loosening them.

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Added a product review for Sunline V3 Handlebar 6/1/2013 3:06 PM

Great Bar for a Really Good Price (If you can find them)


The Good: 28" width, good weight at 323g, clean logos, low and high rise .

The Bad: 9 degree back sweep, paint/finish scratches easy


Picked these up last year to get something a little wider than what I had, but wasn't sure if I wanted to go all the way to 29"+. Got this bar real cheap on clearance, since Sunline stopped their MTB division, but I am still glad I got them and impressed overall. At 28" the bars are wide, without being too wide. The weight is all not bad at all and strength is really good. I have felt very little flex in the bars when going over or off stuff. This definitely are not a DH bar, but work for light All-Mountain or more aggressive XC. I was also happy with the choice on rise height, 1" or 2", I have the 1" rise. Sunline also did a great job with the clean silver/white graphics over the black finish. The graphics are clean and bring attention to the brand with out being over the job. A couple of complaints I do have is the back sweep at 9 degrees. I know 9 is kinda the standard, but I think 8 degrees would feel a tab better. Also the finish tends to scratch easily. Found the scratch issue when fitting my shifters, brakes and grips. While slide things on and off make sure all is really loose or you will find minor, but many scuffs and scratches down the bar.

After a year I am still happy with these bars and would recommend them as a good back up bar if you can still find them cheap.

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Added a product review for Pro Koryak 3D Forged Stem 5/30/2013 3:17 PM

Not The Best


The Good: Light weight, good rise angle

The Bad: Handle bar bolts loosen over time.


Got this stem for a really good deal and was looking for a 31.8mm stem with a decent reach. I picked up the Koryak stem in a 80mm length. The stem went on easy enough and everything bolted up well. Followed all the torque recommendations prior to riding; handlebar bolts 4NM and steerer tube bolts 11NM. First ride everything went well. Second ride was good too. Prior to the third ride gave my bike a once over and checked bolts and found the front handlebar bolts of the stem really loose. I torqued them back down and after a couple of rides I found the same problem with the bolts loosening up. I do like the feel of the stem so I have continued to use it and just remember to give them a quick pre/post ride tighten to ensure they aren't loosening up to much. But because of this problem I wouldn't recommend this stuff anyone else. Hopefully the new Pro Koryak doesn't have the same issues.

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