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Added a product review for FOX 36 Talas 160 R Fork 9/25/2012 10:21 AM

It's a fox so ya'll need to bow down


The Good: its a FOX, talas adjuster goes from 140mm straight to 180mm with one click, easy to adjust on the fly when riding, convenient front brake hose holder that bolts to the arch to keep it in place, easy to undo 20mm thru axle,

The Bad: only had rebound adjuster, one of the quick releases has started to squeak when it open/closes but it is easily fixed, 1.5 steer tube may limit your stem choices


This buttery baby came stock on my Cannondale claymore and I'm glad they made the correct choice. Just like with the claymore's rear end, this fork has adjustable travel! I initially thought that this fork would have 3 options; 140mm, 160mm and 180mm but it only has 2 which is all you'll ever need I'm starting to find out.

I'm coming from a fox 40 so this isn't quite as burley (obviously) but the suspension performance is spot on just like the 40 was, so I have come to always expect greatness from Fox Racing Shox. First off, since it's an air fork you can pump it up to your preferred stiffness instead of having to find and change springs which makes it easy to tune. The only thing that I don't like about it is the fact that it only has rebound adjust (and one other adjustment on the bottom of the fork I think but I haven't really played with that one much). I think if its not too much money, one of these days i might see if fox can install a Fit Damper in it to increase performance even more.

When I originally got my Claymore I was going to get a lighter duty fork (like the Fox 34/36 140mm) for XC and All mountain and then get another Fox 40 for all the DH stuff but I think I might just have to stick with this Fox 36 180mm Talas, it really is the best of both worlds. One click for climbing and one click for descending, done and done! The Thru axle is really nice too but make sure to keep it lubed and tight since they can be sticky after a while. Also the post mount is only for 200mm rotors so there is no adapter you need to use with them. I was alittle confused at first since all of my 40's have needed an adapter but my front brake runs spot on. Fox also as always included a cool little cable hose guide that bolts right to the crown which keeps it from rubbing and getting stuck in the tire, no zip ties needed which is always a big plus.

I'm sure this thing will be fairly easy to service but I will learn from past experience and have a skilled mechanic doing it. Great job fox, can't wait to put this thing through years of abuse!

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Added a product review for Fox Racing Ultimatum Shorts 2011 9/19/2012 9:46 AM



The Good: Durable construction, they have pockets!!! (most TLD stuff doesn't), goggle/sunglasses shammy included, adjustable waist strap, great zipper; it hasn't gotten caught once, longer shorts so they cover a lot, well ventilated

The Bad: Don't machine dry these!! Mine are permanently warped because I forgot and dried them in a machine, could be too long for some riders, not cheap but you get what you pay for with fox.


I waited a long time for a pair of these to go on sale but they never did so I just caved and bought them at full retail, fox stuff usually never goes on sale and I think it is because they are a well known company and feel that for what you get its a fair price and they don't want to compromise. I use these for DH and park riding only since they are heavy duty, long in length and are all black so they can get a little hot in the summer but they are well ventilated.

They fit great but they are a longer pair of shorts so they do catch on my knee pads sometimes which can get annoying. I have crashed while wearing these pads a few times and so far not even a busted stitch. The zippers are top notch and they even come with a detachable silk shammy for cleaning your sunglasses/googles. The material is some sort of supernylon I think because they also repel water pretty good. They are by no means cheap but with fox you'll never have to worry about them breaking down, so would you rather have 1 pair of $100 shorts that will last you 4+ seasons or have to buy $50 shorts every couple of season, its your call....P.S. AIR DRY THESE, no machine dryer.

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Added a product review for Dainese Performance Jacket Body Armor 9/14/2012 11:33 AM

Classic Protection Jacket from Dainese


The Good: Light weight compared to other protection jackets, fit is exceptional, you can remove the back protector and just wear that or wear the jacket without the back protector, easy to wash, thumb straps keep jacket in place better, shoulder pads are in the perfect position when you fall, durable construction, very breathable.

The Bad: Very expensive but it is a dainese afterall, forearm straps are too long and keeps it too loose in the arms, kidney belt rides up to your ribs when you ride, difficult to wear with a neck brace.


This is a classic protection jacket from Dainese and hasn't changed too much over the years but if you got it right why mess with success. If its a light trail day you can just wear the back protector and it fits great OR you can wear the rest of the armor without the back protector (not sure why you would). The best part of this jacket is the fit, one thing Dainese is well known for, I almost forget I'm wearing it when I ride until I crash that is. The material is well ventilated so it circulates air when you ride and keeps things from getting too hot.

For me the bad outweighed the good in this jacket. First of all the kidney belt goes from you hips to your ribs once you get into an aggressive riding position, this happens with most protection jackets but I thought that since this was a Dainese they would have fixed that problem. Second; its almost $300 so for some this may only be a dream and it should live up to the price tag more in my opinion. Third it does not work well with neck braces of any make since the back plate goes right up to the neckline and curves for a more contour fit. One saving grace about it is that you can usually sell it and get back most of your investment since it holds its value well and doesn't get ripped to pieces when you crash (I must have crashed 5-6 times in it and I saw no visible wear on it).

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Added a product review for Dainese Performance Elbow Guard 9/13/2012 9:00 PM

Go ahead and get these but not the knee version


The Good: Great hard shell protection, they hinge above the elbow so they move WITH your arm, three straps that keep them in place without cutting off the circulation, can wear with or without a jersey, they are R and L specific so they are even more molded to your arm which helps them stay in place

The Bad: Very expensive for elbow pads but they are Dianese afterall, they don't cover all the way down to the wrist like some elbow pads do, the sizing is very weird on them so make sure you try them on before buying (again because they are made by Dianese and all their products are sized funny)


Most body armor jackets that I have worn seem to have great protection except for the elbow pad part. So to try and remedy that one year I used a body armor vest and separate elbow pads to keep things lighter and hopefully improve the fit since most jackets that combine the two don't work that well. After looking around and testing out some different models I went with the dianese since they seemed to fit the best without having to wrench down on the straps and cut off circulation like most pads required.

What I love about these pads is that they really do stay in place even though there are only 3 straps, they don't used the sock method like some other elbow pads out there. These three straps also keep things open and lets the air circulate more which stops you from sweating and keeps things cooler overall. What I hate about them is that they are very expensive and for some they won't be worth the money but if you are looking for the last pair of elbow/forearm pads you'll ever need then look no further; your just gonna have to shell out for them. The material is pretty thick which aids in crash protection and lets face it 9 times out of 10 when you go down you put your hands and arms out to break your fall so why wouldn't you want something there to keep you from smashing your arm on a rock or tree.

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Added a product review for Fox Racing HC Graphic Jersey '11 9/13/2012 8:44 PM

Great Jersey for an even better price


The Good: Very light weight, cool design as expected from fox (they know how to do it), slightly tighter cuffs keep it from riding up in the sleeves, cheap cheap cheap

The Bad: I bought mine too big so I could wear armor underneath and its wayy to big totally my fault though.


I usually buy all my mtn bike jersey's at motocross shops since they almost always have a discount rack in them and you can usually find some great bargins. I only paid $25 bucks for this jersey but I know that it would have run me at least $45 at any mountain bike shop in the USA. My favorite part about this jersey is that its very light weight and breathable, I have run all different types of jerseys and the material that fox uses is unique and lighter than anything else I have worn before. There are no little elbow pads in them like some jerseys but if you want elbow pads you should buy some freakin elbow pads!! lol Mine is wayy to big because I got the XL so I could wear armor underneath but even still, I don't feel it when its on. I just feel the cool air flowing through it. I haven't crashed in it yet so I can't speak to the durability of the product but if its anything like all the other stuff fox makes: it will work great!

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Added a product review for Fox Racing Launch Knee/Shin Guard 9/12/2012 7:24 PM

I have bought 3 pairs of these pads and would happily buy them again


The Good: Great coverage, you don't have to take off your shoes to put these one, they won't move around on you while riding, clever x-strap design is better than velcro since it won't loose grip or wear out with time, well ventilated, hard shell protection makes it lighter and stronger than kelvar enforced pads.

The Bad: More expensive than some other pads out there but the performance is worth it in my opinion, gives you funny tan lines on the back of your calf when your out in the sun too long lol.


Simply put; I will not use a different set of pads for DH/Park riding ever again. Over the years I have bought 3 pairs of them (past pairs have taken serious abuse and have gotten pretty smelly/dirty too). All my riding buddies use these as well and are loyal Fox Launch users themselves. The x strap system is very simple and hardly ever comes undone. Another clever part about the pads is the fact that they go all the way down to your ankle so they can't move down on your leg because there is no where for them to move. You can use them underneath your jeans or with your favorite pair of riding shorts. I have tried many different brands of knee/shin pads and no one seems to be able to get it right except for fox so why go elsewhere for your protection. I don't recommend getting the shorty version of these though, they do slide down and move around on your knee plus they leave most of your shin exposed.

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Added a product review for Dainese Performance Knee Guard 9/12/2012 7:09 PM

Skip these expensive pads


The Good: they look cool and the have the name "dianese" on them....

The Bad: too small with not enough coverage, the straps are small, skinny and ineffective, the cost about $75 retail, they move and fall down while riding and crashing, they only come in black so they get really hot in the summer time.


I have always wanted to love dianese products because I have seen soo many pros use them and to be honest; they look really cool lol. But after buying these pads I realized that not only do they not cover much when you crash but they move around pretty easily when you pedal. To try and remedy this I got a knee sock and guess what they STILL move around on you. I crashed on a gravel 4 track road with them on and I still scratched up my knee pretty bad. The one good thing about them is that they are durable and well made but sadly the design just isn't up to date with the current DH offerings. Dianese is old school stuff and now I can see why, everything is outdated. If you really want some good DH knee/shin pads I would look elsewhere like: TLD, Fox, 661, etc.

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Added a product review for ODI Ruffian Lock-On Grips 9/11/2012 5:37 PM

Your gonna get hooked on these!!


The Good: Consistent, not too expensive, great rider owned brand, the benchmark for grip design, durable rubber, etc.

The Bad: these may tear up your hands when you first ride them but then again most new grips do anyways, I always loose the end caps so make sure you keep those lock rings tight.


So ever since I rode Aaron Chase's hard tail one day while at a Mt. Snow race I noticed he had these grips on there and they really stuck out to me as a "universal pro grip" as almost ALL the pros there were using them (regardless if they were sponsored by them or not). If that wasn't enough of a reason to get them I don't know what is. I have these on all my bikes now and I will never use another grip again, I recommend black though, the white ones get pretty nasty looking after a few days of use but they still work fine. I am starting to like the ones with the checkers board pattern on the back too I think they are called the Ruffian MX or something.

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Added a product review for Deity Decoy LT Flat Pedal 4/30/2011 3:49 PM

Rider Owned Company=Badass parts


The Good: VERYYYY light, very low profile (so you snag on less rocks) and very grippy, oh yea did I mention they are freakin light!!

The Bad: Nothing so far, but I have only ridden them a few times

Overall: $100 isn't a bad price considering you are getting the lightest pair of pedals on the market, plus you can order them right off their website. When you buy deity, you get quality and piece of mind.

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