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After watching this slideshow I can't help but question why so many people get their panties in a bunch over the wooden features. All I see is people talking about "natural" this or "natural" that when they complain about the wood features. But can someone then explain to me what is "natural" about some of the things I saw on the slideshow? I mean look at slide #5, or #34. In #34 that gap that (I am assuming) Fairclough built. That's natural? Why because its made of dirt and rocks? When you spend days piling up rocks and dirt to build a massive takeoff and landing that otherwise did not exist prior, I'm sorry but there is nothing 'natural' about that. And Slide #5? This are perfectly sculpted lips and takeoffs. Does that mean I can claim I'm riding 'natural' terrain next time I hit the jump line at my local bike park?

Don't take this rant as a knock on whats going on here, I love it. I'm just saying its a bit hypocritical to shart all over the wood features because they aren't natural but then be ok with these other features just because they are made of dirt and rocks.

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i do not understand this. there was no timelapse of clouds and no dubstep or emo music. where are the 240fps slow motion shots? this is not a mountain biking video.

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I don't get how he didn't figure this out before the season started...

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cliff hanger to bar spin, haha what? he made that look way too easy. the prank call was hilarious also.

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