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In other news: Jackson Goldstone is entering his third year as a ten year old shredder.

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Any info on the Yeti Donde?!?!

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True, it would suck if it did put Martin in a tough spot to put together a competitive team. Both sides have their sides to this whole thing. Guess we'll never know both of them in their entirety. Just hope it doesn't get screwed up with legal issues and get in the way of everyone getting on with it and racing bikes.

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It's funny how up in arms people are about this if you take a step back and look at the bigger picture and how much this impacts any of our lives. Racing bikes are these athletes jobs/careers/income/whathaveyou and a business just like any other. Pursuing an opportunity to make more money (I'm only assuming. I know nothing of the contract details, nor do I feel the need to) when you can in a sport where your time at the top is uncertain and limited, seems logical. I wouldn't for one second think negatively of Aaron because of his decision. After all, it is ultimately his decision, and a business one at that. If it makes him happy and betters his way of life, excellent. Forget all the drama, looking forward to some exciting racing in 2013.

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Crystal Balling by Jackie Onassis

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