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The Good, The Great, and the Beautiful


The Good: Bike is hands down, one of the most fun bikes i've owned. I feel comfortable riding anything that any DH bike can, and to boot, I (kinda) pedals too. Comes, with top of the line components, (FOX 180 VAN FIT RC2, DHX RC2, SRAM X9). So as far as the components go, you can't find better on a complete bike.

The Bad: The stock Schwalbe tires suck major ass. Do your self a favour, and upgrade to a Maxxis Minion/Highroller combo, and save the heartache. In my opinion the bottom bracket is a bit low, but I rarely hit on bigger hits.


This bike is the bee's knees. It's hard to find a better ride, that can do it all. Components are epic, tires not so much, but still an easy fix.

Hope this helps!

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