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The keyway idea is something I've been banging on about for years for usd forks! I always assumed I'd overlooked some factor that would overly complicate the implementation of the idea since no one was using what I assumed to be the obvious fix for torsional flex. Now I'm just inclined to think that it was paradigm paralysis all along that was keeping other companies from giving it a go!

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I'm calling Syndicate on Marzocchi. A little birdie told me Greg was in Italy last week doing suspension testing... I'm not sure if its in this thread yet, but I also heard Tracy and Mick Hannah are on Morewood this season.....

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To be honest, as much as I love Travis, American drivers aren't really up to scratch when compared with Europe. I was so disappointed at how badly Ken Block, Travis' arch rival in the States, has done in the WRC this year. He has not a point to his name.

That being said... F**k me that was crazy!!

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