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The NORBA series used to be as important as the World Cups. It's about time it came back to where it needs to be. With that said, neither the UCI and our current national cycling federation have really proven themselves of late. I hope all goes well for everybody, especially the...more

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Wow. His tires grew knobbies like Mission Impossible 2!

Added a comment about video My Girlfriend Is A Mountain Biker 10/20/2014 1:03 PM

Yes. Thank you... I especially love the part at the end about "...And you ALWAYS leave muddy gear in the corner that I have to clean up and you never.."

Priceless. Nice work, guys (and gals)!

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Added a blog post Why STRAVA 'Ruining' Mountain Biking Isn't Really A Thing 10/14/2014 8:21 PM

We've all heard it: "STRAVA has ruined mountain biking!" or "I hate riding now because everyone has STRAVA."

Well, let me be the first to tell all STRAVA-whiners one thing: STRAVA didn't ruin your riding, YOU ruined your riding. The rest of us are just happy to be on two wheels.

Now before you get your...more

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Added a blog post Ability Over Aesthetics 10/14/2014 8:19 PM

As a female athlete, I often find myself under differing amounts of scrutiny from many outlets on varying topics, but one of the most prevalent topics is physical appearance.

Some weeks back after placing well at a US national race, I was reading the comments on a recap article about the results on a...more

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Added a blog post Olympic Hope: Why Downhill's Inclusion in the Five-Ring Circus Is Important 10/14/2014 8:18 PM

"Downhill doesn't belong in the Olympics!"

"We tried that already! We looked like assholes!"

"Show us definitive figures that will prove profitability."

"Downhill doesn't need the Olympics. Just let grassroots growth be enough."

"Olympic inclusion will ruin the spirit of our sport."

Oh, I've heard it all....more

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Added reply in a thread Should the World Cup Downhill season have more races? 10/14/2014 1:28 PM

I'm sorry, common sense isn't allowed here.

Agreed with everything you said. Well said.

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Good lord can you imagine all the forum posts on this??? "Which carbon discs should I use?" "I just added 3 more carbon discs to the upper middle on my shock and now it is soooo progressive OMG!" "Something...more

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Because that happens sooo often? In my experience, the CS/ST yokes and fork crown will fill with mud long before the shock receives enough to make it more than a little dirty. I see what you are saying, but...more

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those car gaps are super sketchy

Added a comment about video 2013 Vital MTB Shreddy Award - We Ride While You Argue on the Internet 1/9/2014 7:55 PM

Aren't those the most important kinds of awards?

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Daily Shot January 7, 2014!

Liked a comment on the item Fender Bender 1/7/2014 8:49 AM

Yes! Go Amanda!

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These rules could take a lesson from Fight Club...too many rules creating more questions than answers.
How about this:
3 Categories divided up by 0-9 age range.
One-day for newbies only.
Annual license: $20 for non-pro, $50 for pro

Also, what category is "Pro" now then, if being a Pro now means being on a UCI...more

Updated bike check 2013 GT Carbon Fury - World Cup + Build 12/28/2013 10:10 PM
Added a comment about feature Blue Ribbon Banter: Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice 12/22/2013 7:17 PM

While I don't agree that gender banter is irrelevant, I do think we need a 'bigger picture' argument about injuries and life post-injury... As there was in the ski and snowboard community ten years ago, right now we're pretty much glorifying 'end justifying the means' right now without talking about the consequences of dangerous stuff. No one wants to hear about CED or brain trauma; no one wants to talk about required discectomies at 27 years old. It's real and it happens. But would our sport exist if these possibilities were in the limelight? If avalanche deaths were prevalent in ski media, would the backcountry industry be booming as large as it is now?

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