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Both tracks look super sick!! Props to all the people that work so hard.

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2010 Morewood Enza


The Good: The good thing about this frame is that for 4x hardtails, I don't think it can be beat! It's ridiculously stiff, sprints super fast, and is really stable in the air. Plus, the square tubing on the downtube and rear triangle make it look 250% beefier than any other hardtail out there.

The Bad: The bad thing is I get made fun of for riding a pink bike. But seriously... Nothing.

Overall: I guess my review is kind of in "The Good" section. If you are serious about 4x racing, buy a frame that's designed to do just that... The Enza.

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Morewood Ndiza 4x


The Good: This bike rocks! It pedals like a hardtail, and is short and way flickable. It's also super stiff and stable. It's so fast, and it handles speed like a DH machine. Morewood makes top of the line bikes for kicking ass, and the Ndiza is no exception!

The Bad: The only bad thing is that I got rid of this bike, so I'm saving up for another one.

Overall: If you want a shorter-travel fully that is all-around amazing for freeride, mild-medium downhill, and 4x/DJ, this thing won't disappoint! It's a great race bike, as well as a bike that could easily be utilized on any trail you wish. Morewood is a great company to deal with.

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