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C-3PO now has his own transportation to keep up with R2-D2.

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Great article. Couldn't agree more, there was nothing flashy about Greg's win, but it was an absolutely amazing feat of athleticism and showed he is one bad ass competitor.

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The feel and return is better than the reverb. Never used a Lev, but I had ordered one for this bike at one point when I didn't think I'd ever get my hands on a Thompson.

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They are DT Swiss Comp spokes that are twisted where they would normally just cross. My friend Zack who built them has them on every bike of his including a VPFree DH rig and has never had issues. Its just for looks but the wheels are really stiff

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You got it right!
Awsm build!

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It's actually 29.19lbs with pedals, but it wont let me change it. In all honesty, I didnt even care how much it weighted because it rides like a dream, but I know where you're coming from. The Nomad's aint light.

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Only put around 60 miles on it, but LOVE it so far.

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Classic Enve Goodness


The Good: Looks, finish, weight, strength, durability, etc, etc, etc.

The Bad: Sticker price. The best isn't usually cheap.


I rode the Enve DH bars for over a season and a half on my SC Nomad. XC, trail, a few chair lift service days and two Enduro events. I had a few good crashes here and there (albeit nothing horrible) and these bars never showed any signs of failure or fatigue, just one good scratch on the front.

They are some of the lightest bars per CM on the market. I cut mine down and the markings on each end made it super simple and thoughtless. The matte finish is beautiful and the quality unquestionable. Enve had a recent batch of DH bars fail their quality and testing controls so they subsequently moved production of all their cockpit components to their main facility in Ogden, UT - proof they will do what ever it takes to make the best product possible.

I have a second pair on the way for my new bike and would definitely recommend them.

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