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In a World of Wide Wheels......I Still LOVE this Wheelset!


The Good: ~ 1442 grams ~ Armored Ballistic Composite is very compliant ~ Can safely run up to 29" x 2.30" tires ~ Tiny water drain holes ~ Spins up FAST, climbing any steep grade ~ High-tension, 24 Sapim butted spokes per wheel is killer-stiff ~ Easton M-221 SL hub bearings are butter-smooth ~ Decent, 19mm internal rim width ~ Able to run SRAM 1x11 drivetrain ~ Great resale value

The Bad: ~ Almost $2000/new wheelset


I've demoed NOX Composites, ENVE, DT Swiss, Light Bicycle, Carbon Rovals and Stans Race Gold wheels yet, still nothing comes close to the stiff, creamy trail ride the EC90 gives. They have over 3 solid years of hard, dry, rocky, desert riding on them and the wheels are still straight as an arrow. I wanna kill these wheels so I can get something newer - but they simply don't want to die. I have even tried wide AM/Enduro(Ibis, Derby, etc.) carbon wheels....but that is still a lateral move, despite all the hype about the superiority of wide wheels. True, control and traction always trumps weight....but get those attributes directly from the tires, not the wheels. For low rolling weight - wheels will ALWAYS get you up that hill faster.


2012 Trek Superfly 100 Pro - SRAM XX1, Bontrager: RXXXL stem, RXL carbon saddle, RXL carbon bottle cage, XR4 Team Issue 2.30" tire/XR3 Team Issue 2.20" tire, Thomson 730mm flat carbon bars, Shimano XTR BR-M988 brakes, Absolute Black 32t oval chainring, Cane Creek 110 tapered headset, Rockshox: Monarch RT3 rear shock, SID XX 120mm fork, KS-LEV DX 125mm dropper.....24.4 pound, all-day Trail rocket!

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Rode these to replace my 1442g Easton EC90 wheels. Honestly, it's still a lateral move -despite the Spline XM-1501 being a few millimeters wider internally. Easton's Ballistic Carbon is tough to beat.

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Sounds like a repeat on COPS...."that ain't my pants, officer!"

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shred in peace big man. heavy news.

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Cardiac arrest, riding uphill.

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Damn, this is a huge loss to the whole MTB community. I was lucky enough to ride with him; he is one of the chillest guys one will ever meet. Shred in peace Kelly.

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You want a Remedy....not this bike. With a 51mm offset G2 fork - the Fuel EX9 does not feel sketchy at all. Anything below 69.5deg is gonna make the bike feel like a chopper.

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Correct, not a DH rotor at all....but anything below that - it stops great.

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The Finest Rotor Avid EVER Made


The Good: ~160mm rotor is a scant 99g ~Titanium bolts are just 7g total ~ No noise ~ Powerful bite, at lever pull ~ Alloy rotor hub carrier is a one large heat sink ~ Thick, standard 2mm steel rotor surface ~ Perforated surface effectively sheds water and heat

The Bad: ~ Not cheap, but true QUALITY never is!


After making hydraulic disc brakes for over a decade - Avid has finally collected all their years of research and race-inspired wisdom to produce what I call their finest rotor. The HSX is silent and stops on a dime. I realize there is lots of Avid hate out there....but this rotor simply does not warrant such product animosity.

Avid took an already fine-performing rotor(HS1) and increased its descending ability threefold. The new hub carrier acts as a huge heat sink and "floating" type rotor construction(ala' motorbikes) makes the disc stop with ruthless efficiency, under all conditions. End of story....

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The Holy Grail of MTB Cassettes


The Good: ~Spools-up extremely fast ~Sub 210g weight is consistent ~Incredible wear, from machined, inner 8 cogs ~Smooth, instant telepathic shifts, rivals Shimano XTR ~Materials science at its finest ~High resale value

The Bad: ~Pricey ~SRAM lied about replaceable 36t cogs, in their ad campaigns


Upgrading from my hefty, 355g SRAM PG-1070 cassette - the 207g XG-1099 spins up so fast, it's almost like losing four additional teeth on your granny chainring. The 148g difference CAN BE FELT...the moment you spin the cranks. Climbs that normally petered me out can finally be cleared, due to the reduction of rotating axial weight.

If you are strong enough to stay away from using the alloy 36t cog - you can also expect 3-4 seasons of hard trail riding, on this cassette. Just be sure to religiously monitor your chain wear and this cassette will easily outlast many lower-end cogs by 3:1...making this component a decent value(somewhat).

Currently, the only aftermarket maker of replacement 36t cassette cogs is Experimental Prototype, in Sweden. SRAM decided it unprofitable to offer replacement cogs, after all the hype about making them available. They simply lied...

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BEST Hydraulic Discs Avid Ever Made


The Good: ~One finger micro-modulation ~Incredible stopping power ~Able to withstand extended descents, with zero fade ~Incredible pad life. Where can you get almost 1000 miles on a set of pads? ~Great like $600 brakes ~DoT 5.1 fluid never boils! ~Tool-free lever adjust ~Reversible lever body, to hide crash marks ~CPS mounting system does work - as long as your rotors are straight and CLEAN ~HS1 rotors are very light and dissipate heat well ~Able to shorten hose length without bleeding ~Matchmaker compatibility, with Rock Shox XLoc and Reverb seat dropper, with correct kit

The Bad: ~Much-hated, by all other riders ~Not the lightest...but close


I don't know why all the hate for Avid Elixir brakes. When setup correctly - they are quiet and stop on a dime. In fact, they stop so is even applicable for DH/Freeride bikes. The real beauty is in the modulation. I come from being a longtime Magura Marta SL user, and there is no off/on lever feel, like the Magura. I went OTB on my first ride with them, disbelieving the power these have.

Keep them clean by wiping both rotors with alcohol and making sure the pads have as little dust as possible. I give them a quick shot of automotive brake cleaner and they behave like Shimano. The rotors MUST be flat as a pancake and straight as an arrow to avoid that Turkey warble. Combine one organic pad with a Sintered one for each side and wear will be great. I like these way better than the dangerous, ultra-light SRAM XX brakes - which compromises safety in the name of weight savings. Otherwise, these stoppers is Avid's best-kept-secret.

I've tried nearly ALL mountain bike brakes, but I keep coming back to Avid Elixir because of price and they simply stop well. The latest Elixir 3/5/7/9 line don't even come close to these!

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Smooth! I need to learn a nose manual...always killed me on switchback descents!

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This Bike + Good Engine = Podium


The Good: Lighter than most 4" travel 26er FS frames/Awesome geometry/51mm offset fork decreases trail, while mitigating increased slack/ABP rear pivot is beefy and super stiff/Plush, 4.33" (110mm) of rear travel/Asymmetrical chainstays/Thick downtube and BB equals 100% forward thrust/Carbon frame armor/Equally great climber descender/Stock Bontrager saddle is actually nice/Rock Shox fork with dual air simply rocks

The Bad: Dated, 2010 tech on front derailleur mount(direct mount/type 2) adds grams/Full-length cable housing for front shifter does not optimize correct cable pull ratio/"Big Sweep" bars feels like a Beach Cruiser/Bontrager RXL 29er wheelset weighs a whopping 2000grams/SRAM XX brakes is unsafe and unreliable - ditch them/Rear Fox shock with Kashima coating is high-maintenance


After 2010 Gary Fissure Superfly 100 frames were deemed a complete reliability nightmare - Trek corrected everything for 2012, by reinforcing unidirectional carbon layups in all affected areas, without compromising weight. Trek also mandated 142x12 rear axles, further beefing up rear stiffness and stability. The ABP rear pivot works as claimed, greatly minimizing tire skidding and keeps the suspension fully active under hard braking.

Overall - the 2012 SF100 Pro is a dream on two wheels; it climbs almost telepathically. Baby head rock gardens suddenly turn into frozen peas and carrots, allowing you to confidently blaze through them like a 7" travel Freeride bike would. Thanks to the short wheelbase - it executes tight switchbacks like a 26er does. Everything about this bike screams SPEED. I've ridden the BEST of the BEST 29ers out there(S-Works Epic 29/Santa Cruz Tallboy/Turner Czar/Yeti SB95/Niner Jet9 RDO/Ibis Ripley/Intense Spider Comp29/Rocky Mountain 999 RSL/Scott 910) and this bike still has the most balanced of all trail attributes, combined with workable light weight.

It's still not perfect - but damn near close....

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