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Skid vs slide wasn't the point. It was about actually laying it over and trying to drag your bar which neither of those are. They were still awesome videos just not really to the point is what I was getting at

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i read on bike rumor the patent for the thick/ thin tooth profile was actually filed in the 70's and just expired. so not srams at all, as long as everyone stays in the parameters of the old patent everything is bueno.

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Copying actually stifles innovation in the long run, and in your proposed model shifts the balance of power to those already at the top (Giant, Trek, Specialized, etc... anyone with the capacity to copy and produce on a large scale at low cost and with substantial marketing force). Dave did not use any technology that isn't available to anyone else, but he did use that technology in a new and unique way at the time. The rest is just shrude business. The bike industry is a capitalist enterprise, not an open source bro fest. For those of you newer to the scene it might not be as obvious but some of what DW brought to DH was at the time a big step forward. Though not related to this dispute, the original e13 chainguide was a game changer in every way. You just don't come up with something like that in any industry and just give it away for free.

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