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I love my sunday

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or you can just buy a YT

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Its two dicks in a box!

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I like nice people

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Thanks for the slideshow VitalMTB !
for more riding updates from us, you're welcome to follow on facebook:

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thanks for this great review man
it seems like PinkBike and other sites are working for the products they review.......... :-(

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it's a M

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The Good: coming from a DW LINK frame to this FOXY, this frame really has all the good things that my old DW LINK frame had. and it feels better. more progressive. better angles,

The Bad: none so far. maybe just a mud guard could be nice to have...


built this frame with a revelation 150 mm fork. and all my favorite parts.

Easton bar

carbon "light bicycle" rims

Maxxis minion 2.35 f tires

great bike!!

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I'm sure he didn't push hard for the rest of the run knowing it was already lost. I think if he hadn't crashed he would have had good chances of winning...

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very nice bike
what size?

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got this bike to a test ride,
this bike has the worst rear suspension on square edge hits....
other than that, it is good.

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