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Added a product review for 2011 Specialized Demo 8 2 Bike 1/17/2012 9:13 PM

Lower, Slacker, Faster


The Good: - Plush and active suspension - Slacker geometry - Low BB, very stable in the turns - Compact frame, lower center of gravity - Short chainstays - Looks great

The Bad: - A bit inefficient in the pedaling category

Overall: I had a 2011 Giant Faith 0 before this bike and a 2011 Giant Glory 01 before that and in the suspension category they are comparable to the Demo 8 but for me what sets this bike apart is the geometry. With the lower BB height, compact frame, and slacker head tube angle I found myself carrying more speed and leaning harder in the corners than I ever have before. Another aspect of the bike's geometry that stands out is the chainstay length which is about an inch shorter than most DH bikes. This allows the bike to manual and bunny hop easier than any other bike I've ridden which suits my riding style quite well. Despite the shorter chainstays the bike still maintains a long enough wheelbase to stay stable at high speed. Another thing I love about this bike is how well it jumps. I love catching air and going fast about equally and the Demo 8 does both very well. If you want it to boost it boosts. If you want low and fast it does that too. Out of all the DH bikes I've owned and ridden this one is definitely one of my favorites.

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Added a product review for 2012 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Comp EVO Bike 1/17/2012 8:19 PM

A Downhiller's Trail Bike


The Good: - Descending friendly Geometry - Plush suspension - Legitimate tires - Dropper post comes stock - "Autosag" on the rear shock makes setup fast and simple

The Bad: - FSR suspension isn't quite as efficient as Maestro or other VPP designs but with the Pro Pedal activated (the switch is easy to reach) there is no excessive "bobbing".

Overall: I got this bike so that I could access the great XC trails where I live. I started out riding and racing XC but I have done DH predominantly for a while now. For me the only reason to go up is to come down as fast as possible. My ideal trail bike is one that can ascend with relative ease without feeling like I have to hold back on the downhill. So far this bike fits the bill perfectly. Compared to the other Stumpjumper FSR's, the EVO models have slacker head angles, lower bb's, bigger/more aggressive tires, and 150mm of travel versus 140. So what does all that mean out on the trail? Except for on the steepest of climbs the bike ascends smoothly without the need to exaggerate how far you position yourself over the front wheel but its when the trail starts to go downhill that the bike really begins to shine. The first thing I noticed was how plush the bike feels. While the FSR suspension may not be the most efficient it is definitely one of the most active and smooth riding designs out there and for me this is a major bonus. Handling the suspension duties are a Fox RP2 shock and Rock Shox Revelation RL fork that are both simple and highly effective at keeping your ride smooth and under control. The slacker geometry combined with being able to drop the seat on the fly makes for a bike that inspires confidence on steep terrain while begging to be pushed hard in the corners and on the high speed straights. Being a downhiller at heart my goal has been to ride this bike like I would ride my DH bike (a Specialized Demo 8) and so far I have been more than impressed with its performance. Bottom Line: Dialed geometry, intelligent spec, and plush suspension all add up to make a bike that not only climbs well but is more than capable to shred on the way down

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