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Good question! Here's what Deity sent me:

M4 x 0.7P x 8mm and they are dual sided for an allen, so you can unthread them from the back in the event that the pin is damaged. They also come with pre-applied Loctite and include an extra set of pins for back ups!

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Thanks for posting the linkage analysis! Save poor old antonio from our incessant requests.

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A note from Weagle:

It was 18 months ago when I designed the susp. & geo. for this bike, first time I'm seeing it is right now, thanks @VitalMTB!

— Dave Weagle (@daveweagle) August 18, 2015

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the gap between gwin and minnaar is the same as the gap between minnaar and 15th place. unreal.

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3 pics that show how the bike is actually built, the rest are shallow depth of field nothingness. more useful pics please.

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hahaha, love it. they're definitely making that look much harder than it is but its so entertaining.

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Hey guys! Figured I would jump in on this one!

I will DEFINITELY be racing all of the World Cups, I wouldn't have come back if I couldn't! I think I will be able to bring a lot to the table even if I am not focusing 100% of my efforts on winning them.

As for the Asthma; Apparently I have Vocal Chord Dysfunction which has similar symptoms but doesn't respond to the same treatment. You would think all of these world class doctors would have caught it but I guess not haha. I'm not 100% cured or anything but it's definitely going better than before and I can at least ride my bike comfortably without dying

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Gravesy the machine was 21st at the first split, then deployed calves.

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So sick. A 6 inch travel bike under 26 lbs? No way! This needs to be Bike of the Day for sure.

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This doesn't change the point I'v tried to make, where they said in the video that its a PROGRESSIVE rate, while in the graph its a RISING/REGRESSIVE rate, and if its like you(Dynamatt) said, then in reality its actually a LINEAR rate.
linear is OK in some circumstances, but progressive is much better at resisting bottoming out.
most bikes on the market, especially AM/Enduro bikes have a progressive rate.
the overall Leverage ratio is really high, too, which is not good for anything.

Make up your mind, GT, we are confused!

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