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Added a product review for Banshee Spitfire Frame 5/24/2014 6:54 AM

A fun bike for any day of week


The Good: Light, low and slack geometry, very stiff and responsive, climbs and pedals very efficiently, clean cable routing, descends like a freight train.

The Bad: The bushing system requirements more maintenance than usual, but the bushings are only about $1 each and swap out quickly with out any special tools. Other than that, maybe a thru axle rear end?


I picked up this frame at a deep discount and built it with mainly with spare parts sitting around my garage. The fit and finish of the bike is top notch - no creaks, squeaks or clunks and the whole bike came together easily.  On the trail its extremely fun.  It goes uphill quietly with minimal pedal bob and has very good traction.  Going down or fast through twisty, technical trails is really where this thing shines.  It's nimble, quick and can be tossed through turns very easy.  It's low bottom bracket rails turns and keeps the bike feeling stable over fast, chunky descents.  The Spitfire is just as happy hitting jumps and drops as it is on single track.  It's a very versatile bike, depending on how you set it up.

The bushing system isn't nightmare to keep up.  New bushings can be bought in bulk for cheap and all you need to swap out the bushings is about 30-35 min, allen wrenches, grease, a mallet and a clamp.  It's quick and easy and needs to be done once every few months if you're riding regularly.

Overall, the original Spitfire is still a blast even in the world of bigger wheels and fancy carbon.

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Added a product review for 2010 Yeti 303-R DH Bike 7/9/2013 6:42 AM

A Well Built and Solid DH Bike


The Good: Attention to detail - extruded head tube, metal cable tie downs, wonderfully machined parts, internal cable routing, everything on this bike is well designed and thought out, adjustable geometry, single pivot simplicity, stable, lateral rigidity, fast, surprisingly nimble despite the weight, well suited for any type of DH riding

The Bad: Hmmmmm, could be a bit lighter


I ride a variety of downhill trails here in New England. Everything from flowy berms and jumps to rocky, steep technical trails.  The 303 RDH is able to handle anything with ease.  It has a short wheelbase and a nice slack feel which makes it ideal for railing turns and pinning it through technical sections.   The rail system makes for a simple, consistent suspension action that is predictable every time.  I also appreciate how well this bike is built.  I see a lot of high-dollar bikes made with cheap materials, but not this one.  Its nice to see some craftsmanship and attention to detail on this Yeti.  

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Added a product review for FOX 34 Float 29 140 RLC Fit Fork 4/12/2013 5:08 AM

Great long travel fork


The Good: fairly light, ample adjustments, CTD is great, simple on the fly adjustment, feels plush and linear through all types of hits, stiffest long travel fork out there.

The Bad: A bit pricey, travel adjust would be nice for the $800+ price tag.


I put this fork on a steel hardtail and it's proven to be a solid trail fork. In one ride I'll encounter everything from long climbs to steep rocky descents and this fork feels comfortable on all terrain.  My biggest concern with a 140 mm 29er fork was flex, but it's plenty stiff and tracks well down rocky, jarring terrain.  I really enjoy Fox forks and this one has the same solid, plush feel of other Fox products I've used/owned.  If it had a travel adjust I'd give it five stars, otherwise its the best long travel 29er fork on the market.

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