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Yeah, I tried that configuration as well, but didn't like how you lost the ability to strap the frames down. As you can see from the other comments it's probably best to always use the straps to prevent any stray rubbing. I never experienced any wear on the frames, but again, mine we're strapped down every time.

It seems like where the frame makes contact it might be an improvement to have the same micro fiber that's used on the back of the pad.

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I attended Rampage this year. From every aspect you could tell that Red Bull was putting their own interests first. As a worker, a spectator, and from talking to the riders and team support, there were complaints from every end. Aside from the utter chaos of the disorganization, the priorities seemed backwards. Riders should always be first, then workers, then spectators. Red Bull seemed to only care about media coverage.

I was working a security position up on the ridge. Within the first 10 minutes I began to witness some serious negligence. A few photographers hiked up the ridge past my position. A digger about 50 ft past called out that a rider was coming down the line. I repeated this to the photographers. As the rider was coming closer we all repeated "rider up" again. The photographers stood below a drop completely unaware. One thing led to another and the rider came over the drop, into the photographer, over the bars and down the side of the ridge. The rider was injured and furious.He was unable to attend qualifying. Photographers were okay and moved on. I called over the radio to asses the situation. I was instructed to "do nothing because the photographer had every right to be there."

So why should a rider, his first year at rampage, receive no compensation for his injuries and inability to finish the event because of an ignorant photographer who got off scot free? Because Red Bull puts media first, thats why. and that needs to change.

Just one of the many examples I saw at Rampage...

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Excellent words Brandon and I'm glad someone from the main stream media had the balls to say something about this. Your words and thoughts are spot on, Redbull is not truly at fault here but the issue I have is the amount of money that is made from the Redbull media machine and the riders barely see any financial reward for risking their lives. So is Redbull leveraging the willingness for these riders to risk it all in the hopes that they will be "granted" the honor to wear the coveted Redbull helmet or more? Many of these riders are friends of mine, I've sponsored most of them in their careers including Paul B, and I hate seeing anyone get hurt. You have my support!

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seriously, first proflex stops using elastamers and now this

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Fixed 106/64 spider?
200 grams heavier than RF SixC??
Almost $700 with BB and tool???

How dumb do those robots think we are?
I guess they gotta pay Chuckles sombrero expenses some how....

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You forgot the part about getting a flat at the top and then pinning it to the bottom on the bare rim. The manufacturers love that because those huge Interbike demo fleets are super cheap and riding over the roughest terrain on the planet with no tire does virtually zero damage to the rim. When you return the total'ed bike, make sure you let the manufacturer know how disappointed you were in the test ride.

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From Turner when I asked the queston: "If one has ever built a bike with internal cable routing knows its a pain in the ass. I don't intend to force RFX buyers to drag their unfinished build to a dealer for pro fishing help. And lets face it, most mtb's 'internal' routing is a f'ing joke. barely skipping under the bottle cage area, followed by big loops hanging out? random cables but not hoses? marketing bs.
I do a lot of bike work and barely loosening a clamp and dragging housing out, cutting new to match and threading it back is easy and fast."

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I'm looking forward to reading the forum posts about how Bike Company X's call center in Bangaloor India were useless, and you tried explaining the problem with your electronic damper, but he just kept quoting the instruction manual to you.

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Yeah, I love the level of bitching about "no 26." You know what a 27.5 fork feels like? It feels like a 26" fork that's one headset spacer taller.

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