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That is actually pretty sick!

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thanks man, i did move the remote to the left side and made few more changes to the bike. i will post some more pics tomorrow.

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Awesome bike! Have you considered running the reverb remote under the bar on the left side? It feels very intuitive, and you don't have to pull the thumb up above the bars.

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The question I've been wondering for weeks when i was debating between the SB6 and the SB5 to replace my 66...
After 3 weeks of ridding with the SB5C, i can say that I'm approaching gnarly section with the SB5 the exact same way as what I was doing with the 66, probably even faster.The rear suspension is just handling...more

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I was waiting for that "Transition Magic!" that makes all of their product launch videos better than anybody else. I'm at 1:49 and anything could happen... Another classic.

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