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Added a comment about news blog FINAL RESULTS: Richie Rude and Cecile Ravanel Win La Thuile EWS 7/17/2016 11:54 AM

Wow, that sucks, really wanted to see a graves-rude battle this year.

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Added a comment about video Ride the Rocks with Richie Rude 7/13/2016 3:45 PM

Looks like 17.4" chainstay still allow manuals! That was awesome!

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Do you mean why not YT? Because they don't have an equivalent bike to the Bronson or 5010 in their product range. Because the cheapest aluminum Capra is a few hundred US dollars more than the cheapest SC model - though the Capra does have a better fork and a dropper. And because half of the sizes...more

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The bikes look good, but what's up with 100mm stem on the embolden?

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The current running list is long, but there are a few at the top... Below are the suggestions given on FB, etc.

Lisa or 'imperatrix'
Thumbelina (or the hippo's name in Fantasia)
Air to the Throne, Duchess of Dirt
The Neon Phoenix
'Carnage Asada'
GT McFuryton, Dirty McBikerton, Wonder Whip

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Good on'ya! And yes, you're right. Probably best to clarify and state "built" in Colorado.

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C50_image_1381640956 in the midwest(Michigan) our hills usually come up fast and are over with fast. The observed delayed action, absolutely removes it from contention for me. I'm thinking the fox transfer, performance tier, is my next dropper.

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It came with the Bike. Contact Yeti

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I shall call you my squishy..and you shall be mine.

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