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does anyone at red bullz know about mtb? there main pic of andrue hyping this event up is the bonerest of all boner air pics. poor andrue. he has to be embarased. he looks like bender 2.0. i know its not his fault

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Hmm..$550, not bad.

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No, sorry, don't have any trail time on that one personally. Perhaps one of the other editors can chime in, I'll check.

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Just after his exclusion for the DH World Champs, it must be just like a energy injection for Sam Hill... Really happy for him!

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The first picture is for the guy who wants to match his Santa Cruz Bronson just a little bit too much.

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In all honesty, Cam could have done all that on a scooter, but then, still one of the best vids I've seen in the last months!

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Oh my…

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I petitioned to race but the rules say I'm too young! I'll be at worlds though to represent the good old USA!

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