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Danny Hearth is running Marzocchi suspension. http://cdn4.coresites.mpora.com/dirt_new/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/2014-10-28-Mondraker-Press-1110.jpg

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Hi Torgrim, FYI. We trade marked 7 iDP globally before TLD launched or indeed applied to trademark their Seven brand. That said, we've spoken with the TLD team, and have agreed to co exist: their Seven apparel brand in MX, 7iDP in MTB protection .

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If this is closely tied to Royal Racing, the name could be closely tied to Bubbas Seven series, by Troy Lee Designs?

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So it goes Redbull Spezialiced has Gwin (as he is a redbull rider). Monster Chainreaction Cycles has Sam Hill and can no longer keep the finnish Redbull rider Matti Lehikoinen...

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Rennie has been on Ironohrse before, and Yeti...

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I believe Mavik also are under Adidas
You will get yellow sticky shoes

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