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im 5'8 and its a perfect fit for me, if you started to get uncomfortable due to bars too low you could just put some higher riser bars on it too

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absolutely amazing


The Good: sweet colors and lines, everyone thinks its the sexiest bike at the park. Great front forks, really soaks up rough landings, the hmx-5 brake is great, incredibly adjustable to your preference, front end feels light and allows for easy manuals and wheelies, rides great on quarter pipes, and feels really light and quick. Great components.

The Bad: Grips were ok, but some 8$ odi longnecks made it look snazzy, I bent the front rim (singlewall pbr) and rplaced it with a black blacksheep (doublewall) for a sweet look and more strength. nothing else could be wrong with this bike though.

Overall: definitely a confidence inspiring bike. I rode some mountain bikes, but nothing gave me the feeling this bike does. Jumps and 6 ft drops off walls would have terrified me before, but this bike really give you the confidence you need to become a much better rider. I also dont like the feel of a 20" bmx under me, feels way to small, and leaves no possibilities for singletracking like i love to do on this bike, so buy it, you wont regret it

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