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Added a product review for T.H.E. T2 Composite Full Face Helmet 5/7/2013 3:05 AM

Good DH lid.


The Good: Reasonably light for composite, good price for the quality of product, removable inner padding for washing, really really good looking.

The Bad: Could have bigger, or maybe a few more vents, gets quite hot.


Best fully I've owned. Much lighter than previous fullys I've had. Can get a bit hot though... Makes a good change from all the guys wearing D2's & D3's, and is just as good I'd say.

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Added a product review for 2011 Cove Shocker Bike 5/1/2013 2:13 PM

Best Bike I Ever Owned...


The Good: Almost everything. Awesome bike!

The Bad: There was nowhere to review the 2010 model, which I had, so I'm reviewing here. My only beef was the short seatpost, but that has been amended in this model.


Best bike I've ever owned. Bought a frame and built it up. Great bike, but had to sell it due tofinancial circumstances and the fact it was a full on race ready bike, and I'm not into racing. I have missed it ever since...

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Added a product review for 2012 Rocky Mountain Flatline Park Bike 4/29/2013 12:20 AM

It's okay,


The Good: Fairly agile, great park bike if the brake spec was a little higher

The Bad: A bit heavy, some cheap/ low spec stock parts


Rode for a week in Whistler. Bike was a well maintained rental, it rode well, but not as well as some other bikes I've ridden at Whistler bike park. By the time i was near the bottom the brakes were really hot, and howling like crazy. Can't be that bad though! Vanderham's been riding em for years!

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Added a product review for Specialized BigHit II Bike 4/29/2013 12:12 AM

Free Ride Beast/ Great beginner DH bike!


The Good: I was we'll impressed when it showed up with a Boxxer RC instead of the Spec'd Domian. She's a beauty.

The Bad: The stock rims are strong enough, but the engagement points on the back hub are too few and far between,


Had this bike for about a year, got it and sold my Cove shocker as I was looking to down grade bikes for financial reasons and also I don't race so didn't need a race bike, just needed a weekend/freeride steed

I can say that after all my mods and adjustments, my big hit is an absolute beast! Totems up front, rc4 at the back, saint brakes, Works components 1 degree headset, MRP G2, x9 10 speed drivetrain, nukeproof trimmings

Great bike, am surprised they stopped making them and started making the Status. Wheels are a bit average, strong just rear hub is a bit cheap, but for the price of the full package, they have to cut back somewhere, and considering they are one of the few stock components on the bike, they can't be that bad!

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