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As long as we have front derailleurs, we compromise the strength and stiffness of the main pivot and chainstay yoke. The drive-side main pivot bearing has to be moved way inward to accommodate the front derailleur. Ironically, that is also the bearing that receives the highest loads. If FDs are abandon in favor of one-by systems, frame manufacturers can move that drive-side bearing back outward where it needs to be and we will see a benefit in stiffness, strength, and longevity of bike frames as a result. I want that.

And just because you hate "lard-ass cassettes," doesn't mean you have to run one. Pedal around a 1x9 and show everyone what a beast you are. Mothers will shield their children's eyes, girls with throw their clothes at you, and men's giant cassettes with rust from their salty tears as you pass. If that works for you, rock it, but dammit I want more reliable frames without a weight compromise and one-by will help give us that.

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Liked a comment about feature First Look: The Biggest Dinner Plate Yet - OneUp Introduces 45 Tooth Sprocket for Shimano Cassettes 4/28/2015 8:36 AM

Have you picked up an XX1 or XTR cassette? They are freaky light. You will lose, what, 25g by going to a more compact cassette? Sounds like a win.

I think I have lost 1 chain in a year... But I opted for not just the narrow-wide but the tall tooth ring (BlackSpire), no chainguide for me, so YMMV.

I love my 1x (with cheater ring for the big mountain days). And if you can't spin a 30t up to 30-40mph on a downhill, you don't know how to pedal at a high cadence. It just takes a quick burst and gravity takes over.

Rock your 2x. More power to you. Bikes are fun. Get over it.


PS: The real story is about the patent and how it might effect future innovation in 3rd party cassette development.

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Pretty sure this Pacenti guy has tons of solutions in his garage, then he makes it his life mission to seek out problems. His name is familiar with some recent wheel size movement, can't recall what it is.

By the way, I've a friend who's really into something with this 31.42" wheel size he's been tinkering with...you guys should check it out. Really, it's pretty cool. It's much better than the 29er crap and way better than the 27.5" stuff. It just rolls over stuff so much better than those other inferior wheel sizes. Trust me on this. I am telling you it's way awesome. You should just give it a try, don't knock it before you try it. It's 2.42 inches BETTER than 29. I mean, you can't argue with math.

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should we do a Vital OTB about total number of flats this weekend? SO SICK!

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