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Pretty sure this Pacenti guy has tons of solutions in his garage, then he makes it his life mission to seek out problems. His name is familiar with some recent wheel size movement, can't recall what it is.

By the way, I've a friend who's really into something with this 31.42" wheel size he's been tinkering with...you guys should check it out. Really, it's pretty cool. It's much better than the 29er crap and way better than the 27.5" stuff. It just rolls over stuff so much better than those other inferior wheel sizes. Trust me on this. I am telling you it's way awesome. You should just give it a try, don't knock it before you try it. It's 2.42 inches BETTER than 29. I mean, you can't argue with math.

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should we do a Vital OTB about total number of flats this weekend? SO SICK!

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the high bb thing almost makes one wonder if the bike was originally designed to be a 130/140mm bike, then marketing got involved and said "we must have a long travel carbon enduro bike! i know, let's just put a longer shock in there."

then all the engineers secretly shook their heads in the corner.

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Honestly, we found the rear shock of the Jekyll challenging (mentioned in the review), and a number of times we had issues with the rear suspension, despite following the more involved setup procedure precisely. At one point the issue presented itself after adjusting the settings in an effort to see if the suspension could be setup to ride more to our preference. At that time we returned to stock before trying again. Each time we weren't happy with the results. We also made a point to ride each bike at the recommended settings, as that is generally how the engineers intended the bike/s to shine their best. Personal preference saw us change these settings in attempts to get more of a full picture, but the Jekyll proved difficult to improve more to our liking.

It should also be noted that two different testers rode each bike, on a range of terrain, and each of us that rode the Jekyll have quite different riding styles. We both agreed without question about how this bike rode, despite different techniques, terrain etc.

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Liked a comment about product review 2015 Test Sessions: Trek Slash 9.8 Carbon 27.5 1/25/2015 9:56 AM

"notable sources have set the M6 as the benchmark in the enduro / trail category." consider your sources. have you seen those guys ride? have they ever raced an enduro event? where did they test the bike?

imo enduro & trail are not the same thing. one is a race and the other is just riding. different demands for each. i doubt one bike can be the supposed benchmark for both.

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