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Added a product review for Easton Haven Am Handlebar 6/21/2013 8:57 AM

It's a handlebar!


The Good: Strong, looks good, width is perfect for trail riding.

The Bad: Not as light as carbon?


I've been running these bars (711mm wide) for over 2 years with the Haven 80mm stem. Definitely well made and strong, and have stood up to some fantastic abuse.  The width is ideal for the average rider on any trails from XC to AM.  For downhill I'd be looking for something a tad wider, but these are perfect for about anything else.  The paint and finish is on par with the higher end Easton stuff, and it looks good when paired with their Haven stem.

Bottom line is that these are strong, hold controls and levers, and help you steer the bike.  Sweet!

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