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Yeah but there'd be complaints that there's no dubstep.

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There's nothing normal about a 127cm wheelbase. That's insanely longer than any other production bike on the market. For comparison's sake, the extra large V10 has a 122cm wheelbase.

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Yeah, all three of them. LOL.

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That's cool that the rear hub comes apart without too much effort.

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Nicholast, you must be a mathematician, because your "someone somewhere likes that style or else it wouldn't have been used in the video" was both true and useless. Saying that "someone likes it" is true. Obviously. But it does nothing to progress a conversation about what music does or does not work well in a bike video. Here are examples of some musical styles that someone somewhere likes, but nonetheless would make objectively horrible choices for bike videos:

Mariachi music
Highland drums and bagpipes
Gunther and the sunshine girls
and Dubstep

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BOOOOO!!! I boo you sir! I'd like to see you step out from behind that keyboard and qualify for a World Cup, THEN shit on Brendog for being one of the few on the curcuit to voice his opinion....

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One gets the impression that's he's ridden that trail a few times.

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it's rarely about race results but mostly about company/team bribes. some of us earn half our yearly wages by stacking these power rankings lists. seriously serious though, we always consider marcelo (look at our last 2 power rankings - PMB and Cairns)....more

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Is experimenting good? Wrong question. The question you have to ask is "who's making these things?" There are real weaknesses in the modern mountain bike: just last week Spomer you were talking about flat tires. That's a huge area that could be improved, ... more ยป

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2012 Aaron Gwin takes everyone.

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I dont know much about the Ohlins stuff, but I do like that TLD Sprint gear they are wearing.

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I thought the music was so fun and lively, a nice change of pace from all the heavy stuff they normally play. And I really liked all the slow mo.

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Weighs less than any trail bike I've ever had, carbon or not.

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No flawed system; I was in the same boat, but there came a time when I became an expert in my field realized that I could be the one charging the bigger bucks on my own... then I found out how much it costs to be the business owner, with all of the overhead, etc... it's...more

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Yeah, because LBS owners are making soooooo much money.

No one makes real money in the bike industry. A lot of people make a living, and some people who are really really really good at what they do make decent money, but anyone in the bike industry who's even reasonably good at their job could be making 100% more in any almost other segment of the economy. People work in the bike industry because they love bikes, and they're willing to deal with a lot of shit to do what they love. Pay reflects that.

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