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More importantly, I have heard they are ditching the ridiculously stupid "clothing rule" for trade teams, the rule that states everyone must be in the same kit, all F-ing year long. Can anyone confirm this dismissal of a idiotic ruling?

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^ This. One correction though, only Women's World Cup DHracing is in red alert mode if you ask me, I have watched it for 25 years, and it's as bad as it's ever been-in regards to future talent rising up. This is no disrespect to the handful of ladies ... more »

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For those taint torture specialists, what kind of saddle would you suggest for this chamois-less approach?

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Loving the daddy day care in that first pic! Go CAM!

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Team Robot/Roadie look is not good for the uniqueness that is DH MTB racing. Hated this rule before I was at an apparel brand, hate it even more now. I hope other teams follow Syndicates move.

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I hear Ragot will ride on a team, with someone she has been team mates with before.

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The idea is awesome, and is alive and well. SRAM/TLD athletes can ride whatever frame they want. (see our current program, Russell on Trek, Shaw bros on Specialized, for the time being?).

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I sense some trolling in this, but, to answer your question, yes, whatever frame each rider wants to race on, is still a major focal point of the program. It's one of the cooler aspects of the team, and it also is a nice bargaining chip, as riders who ... more »

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Not taken in NZ...Luca Shaw, Walker Shaw and Russell Finsterwald will be with SRAM / TLD Racing. Joining them on the team for 15' will be ____________________

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Mike, Cody is about 25 years younger than you are, let the kid have a little fun with his colorful kit...a kit that is nearly sold out of our warehouse BTW.

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I often say, it's insanity that you can (in theory) put a chain from a bike 100 years ago, onto a bike today. Enough with gizmos and gadgets and lets get rid of the CHAIN!

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Nice slideshow, as always. Don't think I've ever seen a crap race event slideshow here. Don't ever lose the mojo vital, MTB world appreciates this stuff.

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This video is not gluten free, but I did enjoy it.

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#sramtldracing #TLDgWINning

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@tmano2, not so stupid actually, we only worded the black pinstripe as 'all new' when it first came out...hence the reason this one is called PINSTRIPE II, as in 2nd version. It is an all new pinstripe design that Jay in the TLD paintshop whipped up with Troy.

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Meh. It would probably be funnier if we knew the guys personally, but without that, the jokes missed their mark. Plus, the what-is-enduro and enduro-craze skits are little overplayed, IMO.

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The fit of the jersey is what I don't like, it's like too squared. Had to buy a size L to make it long enough, with L the long is good but not the wide. With the SE Pro jerseys y use M.

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Alcasti, I saw you posted the Ruckus jersey as one of your 'worst' purchases of the year? mind explaining why? always looking to improve. Also, mind telling me which year of ruckus? it has gone through some slight revisions over the years. Cheers. Stikman from TLD.

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