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Next level for selfie Vital One Lap

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So good you don't have to look where you're going

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I would like to give this Shreddy Award delivery a Shreddy Award! So good

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I'm guessing GT

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he's ripping harder than 99% would on anything smaller, and id bet if this bike wasn't out yet and no one knew he was on a 29er there wouldn't be a single neg comment....

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Tire slide at 00:42 was sick!

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Sounds like it's taking over the FMB World Tour too

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Hats off to Adam Hauck for stepping it up and getting a real camera, here is just a taste of more to come in 2015. Spoiler alert, mega transfer inside!

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lol "Mc Flindle"

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Wow, everything was perfect!

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Professional riders from all over the planet gathered at Highland Mountain Bike Park In the middle of June to prepare for the upcoming 2014 FMB World Tour season. "This is right before all the big contests start, so it's perfect time to come here, bang out all your tricks, get feeling good on the bike and head into the season with a bit of confidence," said Darren Berrecloth. For one week, the group of pros put the premiere training facilities to good use for the benefit of all, in a non-contest environment -- utilzing the premiere training facilities, which include the Red Bull Ayr Bag, indoor skatepark, foam pits, resi ramps, the legendary Sherwood Forest dirt jumps, as well as Highland's chairlift-accessed downhill tracks and trails. "It sounds cliche, but we're all friends," admits Tyler McCaul of the comradery shared between the pro riders attending FMB Spring Training at Highland Mountain Bike Park. "It's give a little, get a little -- you help someone learn a trick and they help you. We all like to see other people learn tricks." At the end of the week, activities culminate with a jam-format Best Trick contest on the signature Red Bull Freebird jump, where athletes were able to try out their new tricks on dirt for the first time ever. FMB Tour newcomer Nicholi Rogatkin from nearby Boston, Massachusetts, was able to impress the Best Trick judges enough to take the win with a clean cashroll, triple tailwhip and his stunning lawn dart frontflips thrown during the session.

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Brandon and the film crew take us behind the scenes at Capsule Labs analogue sound studio in Los Angeles, CA where the intro of Brandon Semenuk's Rad Company was shot. Brandon explains their vision of creating an audio/visual mixtape that fades in an out of an underground radio station, and what they did to make it a reality.

To watch Brandon Semenuk's Rad Company visit

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Narbaix and Nico Tikhomiroff ride a secret place in the France Alps

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Sprung 3 got me mountain biking!

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10 lines in the Crater with MTB rider Cody Gessel Meet Cody Gessel: a wild wonder from Salt Lake City who loves to ride fast and get air on his bike, and the best part about Cody; he always has a smile on his face. Enjoy watching Cody shred at Woodward West. Filmed/ edited: Sebastian Smith

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Brett Rheeder notched up a second successive win at Vienna Air King after a thrilling afternoon of competition at the Rathausplatz in Vienna on Sunday. With bad weather conditions overhead threatening the event, organizers managed to get the 15 qualifiers to complete two runs before the heavens opened and heavy rain brought an end to the competition. The judges therefore called the result on the best scores achieved by riders on their first two runs and a super final of the top scoring six riders didn’t take place. After an average first run the pressure was on Brett to perform to get into the super final. He was up to the challenge as he pulled out a second run that saw him executing a massive flip whip, a cork 720 and a frontflip barspin over the course’s three jumps. The Canadian took the victory in Vienna ahead of Szymon Godziek and Thomas Genon.

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