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The prototype was waaaaaay nicer, man. All you had to do to make the front end stronger, was add that extra layer of metal, like the Last Herb frame has at the front end. I'm sure there's a technical term for it, but I don't know what it is. It's like ... more ยป

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That proto bike looks much nicer than the Kalula The toptube on the proto-bike is nice and straight, but the toptube on the Kalula gets a bit fatter towards the end I prefer the proto-bike any day of the week Is there a way of buying one?

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Just searched for Makulu Morewood pics.... and it said it was a prototype... What's your Kalulu like?

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Yeah I think it's a prototype. Soooooo much nicer than the Makulu What are they thinking with that bendy toptube?????????

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Does anybody know what bike this is ??????????????

It's a mystery !!!!!!

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Old favourite


The Good: Good if you want to wear normal trainers, and just cruise around the streets etc. Has a nice subtle concave shape to it, so your feet sit snugly into the pedal. Also has adjustable pins, if you need the added grip.

The Bad: A bit chunky if you prefer the more slimline look. And a bit dated, and also a tad on the heavy side.

Overall: Excellent all-round pedal with a history and a pedigree. Perfect if you don't want to shred your trainers up.

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I'm stuck for pedals for my build What's the top 5 pedals on the market as we speak????????????

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