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Sup YT! Any way we could get a Capra shipped out to the 650? Long story short- Don't want to drive to Reno... Thanks!

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if you got the legs caught...

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you scared me SO bad

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no, just no


The Good: rather cheap

The Bad: Super heavy bent the whole thing 2" off true in 3 months super narrow


when i got these, I thought that they would last, and was willing to suffer the weight penalty.

these wheels suck. the damm rim didnt last as long as my tires

im over these rims.

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Heard that the 831 can hop from 100mm to either 110mm or 120mm is that true? something with spacers?

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Pretty self explanatory Can a DHX air or DHX fit on the frame? If not, what can? Thanks.

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Why not? Please message the Palo alto parks and recreation department about the building of dirt jumps in one of the following location(s): Robles park Briones park Anywhere else you find suitable. Thanks!!!

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santa cruz superlights are nice a little over price range, but meh

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spoon 32

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damm it when is the dammed bike coming out?

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talked to the guys at epicenter getting it done soon thanks

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Hi!!! purchased a geared jackal last year and am about to convert to single speed. should i get a conversion kit or new wheel? Other suggestions welcome

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go small to big and huck it also, use planks of wood across the double to trick your mind into safety

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look at easton havocs been working well for me

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try out an 831 super light, and works and also, get new tires those holy rollers are tanks

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jackals are nice, just get wider bars and lighter tires if you go stock

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really cant think of any just go 26"

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ride flat i personally like it better due to the ability to adjust your feet