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Well that was sick. NZ needs a stop for the World Cups

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It's a damn shame that Purgatory did away with everything DH related. I'm from Durango I was born here in 1998. It is both awesome and frustrating to see the super rad DH course I've been laying ski tracks over since I was five. As an aspiring pro racer I can only imagine how different my summers would be if I had a lift accessed WC course 25 minutes from my house. Hopefully in the future there will be DH races there as well as a bike Park! I assure you it would see tons of use since Durango is such a bicycle crazed community.

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I didnt even notice the crankspin until the slow motion!

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hopefully trickle down to the AM45 successor on the movable and tailorable cleat plate, i love having the cleat more towards the mid foot than current clipless shoes allow.

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I'm surprised some of you call this a failure. No way was it a failure. Yeah, it may not have had value as its primary focus, but look what it taught us so far:
- OE budget DH bikes have a ton of value comparatively. You can save as much as $1,800 in some cases by shopping the showroom floor, which means you have a lot left over for upgrades and replacement parts after.
- Branding plays a major role when deciding on components. Even though the focus was keeping costs down, we willingly chose to spend extra on components of another brand that we perceived as better. We all shake our heads in wonder at how people can buy Enve when there are so many other great options out there, yet we showed the same behavior with this build.
- Cheap bikes can still look good and color-matched. I have spent some serious time and coin to build color themed bikes where all components compliment each other, yet this value-focus, randomly assembled build actually looks pretty good - better than some factory assembled options even.

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