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I'm elated that Paul is walking under his own power, and elated that we have actually managed to move the needle.

BT, props! Keep up the good work.

Zink, your courage on the advocacy / ambassador side is just as impressive as your courage on the trail. Good luck with the union. If there is anything we can do to help, please say so. I would like to offer whatever resources I can, if there is a way you need help in terms of outside assistance. email: mike at

Red Bull - Thanks. Good work on the response (so far). We will be keeping this conversation alive so we look forward to continued progress.

Good things!

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What about charging $5 for every live feed? Have that money go straight to rider safety and secondarily to better purses. Red bull gets to splash their logo on everything and we pay the riders something for their risk. Honestly, I'd feel better watching if I chipped in.

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looking back at the runs, especially the heli angle of Zink's line, the judges really blew it. you guys take one more look at Zink's run and then you tell me that those 5 other guys had gnarlier runs? This is Rampage not Joyride. Zinc's line had way more gnar AND he stomped 2 huge tricks. you guys totally blew it, and it's not coming back. #ZINKWUZROBBED

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Yeah they put some hours into those things, but with limited space, you can't expect to own the mountain. pretty shitty attitudes there. berrecloth is like the godfather of all this shit, he wants to use part of your line you freakin say "of course dude, enjoy!". WTF. give a guy a break. it's bad enough having to risk your life but to also have to beg someone for permission like COME ON.

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Can I get this with an air shock with a climb switch please? Frame weight around 7lbs and I will buy tomorrow. The geometry looks absolutely perfect.

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Lopes is sponsored by Ellsworth now!?

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the gap between gwin and minnaar is the same as the gap between minnaar and 15th place. unreal.

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It looks like the guys in blue are ignoring him, but they are actually quite a ways away farther down the stairs and across the platform. There's a reverse angle floating around that gives a bit more perspective but I'm not posting it as it's just gratuitous.

I'm not sure a wheel set exists that would have survived that impact. When was the last time you saw someone almost rip their fork out through the front of the head tube? and

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