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if your life is about making your best ideas real and the love you have for your kids then shit... good life... take a deep breath... its not about the bike... its about the man and his life and his work... i can relate... if a journalist told me to shut my kid up and wash the bike i would just politely end the interview... no time for that kind of BS...

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Well that was sick. NZ needs a stop for the World Cups

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It's a damn shame that Purgatory did away with everything DH related. I'm from Durango I was born here in 1998. It is both awesome and frustrating to see the super rad DH course I've been laying ski tracks over since I was five. As an aspiring pro racer I can only imagine how different my summers would be if I had a lift accessed WC course 25 minutes from my house. Hopefully in the future there will be DH races there as well as a bike Park! I assure you it would see tons of use since Durango is such a bicycle crazed community.

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hopefully trickle down to the AM45 successor on the movable and tailorable cleat plate, i love having the cleat more towards the mid foot than current clipless shoes allow.

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