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Just gonna throw this out there, Gwin's Val Di Sol run in 2012 was up there.

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Sik Mik loses a crank arm! Thankfully not in a rock garden.

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Seeing how often mechanicals and crashes take out riders in World Cup races, what would you guys say about a format that allows the top 8 protected riders and the top 8 fastest riders that day to have a rerun to try and throw down a better run? Here's ... more ยป

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This is one of the first bikes I've seen actually go with a pretty short seat tube length for a medium size bike. Could be due to the combo s/m size but hopefully it's a trend now that dropper seatposts are longer. Thank you!

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What a MASTERCLASS by Gwin! Annihilation of everything.

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I ride a 29er. I love technological progress in bikes.

But I have one concern: If bigger and bigger wheels prove more and more advantageous, at what point will tall riders have a overwhelming advantage by riding equipment shorter riders can't possibly use?

One of my favorite parts of DH...more

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For the people saying the fast guys could have qualified slow to start earlier, this is why they don't:
UCI MTB Regulation 4.5.033
The start order for the final is determined on the basis of the reverse result of the qualifying round or seeding run (women juniors), the fastest rider starting...more

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That's crazy he gained nothing haha !

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Affordability is the new black, these companies will get my money! No longer is cheap trash, time to clean up the expensive industry and take the bins out!

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Such a hot bike..i really hope that Canyon will bring for next year new Spectral 29er but with more aggressive geometry

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I was told by my bike shop that's it's $200 to swap to the charger damper on the yari.

I rode the last generation 29 for nearly 3 years and really liked that bike. That's the longest I've ever had a bike. I test rode the elite 2017 e29 at bootleg canyon and it felt great. It...more

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the FTD feature dropping this weekend will be a standalone, but we do have a comparison test between all those you mentioned (and more) underway right now.

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Really enjoyed the podcast. Had either forgotten or didn't know just how deep Martin's background went with bike suspension. I like a lot of what he had to say about the brand and perspective on the bike industry. Really looking forward to see what DVO...more

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Great interview. Finally, someone else talking about the massive waste incurred with all this knee-jerk standards changing every 18 months.

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Is that a foldable helmet in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

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The tube works with a finish line grease gun too, it's great for controlled application. also useful for squirting it down shift housings, which is probably my favorite use of this grease.

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6 photos in the bike gallery, 6 in the components gallery... 64 in the WTF gallery.
Don't panic, MTB industry is alright.