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It looks like the guys in blue are ignoring him, but they are actually quite a ways away farther down the stairs and across the platform. There's a reverse angle floating around that gives a bit more perspective but I'm not posting it as it's just gratuitous.

I'm not sure a wheel set...more

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Graduate college and get daily shot on the same day! Feeling like Ice Cube right now

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Glad to see that Mavic finally increases the rim width. There's no way the complete system (wheels + tires) weighs in at 1,710g. I'm guessing that's for wheels only?

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That really is a beautiful line. I can't see any other way down without hucking to death.

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A Gwin - 3:01.17
R Atherton - 3:27.78

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lol they don't call that tire the Magic Marker for nothing...

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Tell me that wasn't the whoops guy from last year's WC in Cairns.

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What's up with those wheels/tires?

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if your life is about making your best ideas real and the love you have for your kids then shit... good life... take a deep breath... its not about the bike... its about the man and his life and his work... i...more

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Awesome vid. Some proper berm slaying there.

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1:53 is actually just McGazza on a normal bike.

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Well that was sick. NZ needs a stop for the World Cups

Added a product review for Troy Lee Designs SE Jersey 1/28/2015 10:26 PM

well designed jersey that ticks all the boxes


The Good: great styling, breathable back and arm panels

The Bad: nothing so far


I've had this jersey for one season's use  and recently decided to get another one since I liked it so much.

First of all the fit is nice, it is not overly baggy or too tight.  Size medium fits me well. (I'm 5'10" and 170 pounds). The collar and cuffs are not too tight or loose, both of which are deal-breakers for me in a jersey. The quality of the fabric is excellent - lightweight yet tough like a jersey should be, not prone to snags like some fabrics out there. Maybe the best thing about this jersey is the mesh fabric on the back and under half of the sleeves. The extra breathability comes in handy on hot days.

A couple of small details might go unnoticed at first glance. On the drop tail of the jersey there is a rubber TLD logo attached in case you are a shirt tucker and don't want it slipping out.  Also, on the elbows there is a stitched area that has an extra layer of fabric.  It will do nothing as far as protection to your body goes, but it may keep the jersey from tearing a huge hole if you land on that area. Other than that the TLD SE jersey is pretty straightforward - no pockets, no hidden wipe cloth for goggles, which is fine by me. 

Over the years, TLD jerseys have been known to be a bit bold in the colors and graphics department. The more subdued styles as of late are nice if you're not into having a purple cyclops shooting neon laser beams on your shirt.

Just a head's up if you ride frequently in mud - the perforated back panel of some of the color options of the jersey is white. There are other versions of the SE jersey that don't have the white back panel and will hide stains better.

Overall the jersey keeps you well ventilated and it looks good. I really can't think of anything that would make it better so my vote is 5 stars.

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Did you guys fifure out the hucker gap up top?

Video: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=4902416991176

Added a product review for 2015 Specialized Enduro Comp 650b Bike 1/11/2015 11:18 PM

Specialized Enduro 650b Comp


The Good: good geo for aggressive riding, wide rims, good value

The Bad: no XL size, no dropper post


Afterridingthe enduro 29er for about a year, I decided to swap it out for the newer, slightly smaller wheel-sized iteration of the bike in the middle of summer last year.  Although I was content with my current rig, I saw that the numbers on the bike were a little bit closer to what I was looking for so I took the plunge. I opted for the lowest level model and have found it to be a great all around ripper.  Simply put, this bike is a lot of fun to ride. 

Compared to the 29er, the 650b version doesn't quite have that monster-truck-over-the-rough feel to it, yet for me it surpasses the 29er on the techy maneuvers and on jumps.  The chain stay length and the wheelbase of the bike is shorter than many other like-minded bikes.  For me that is a positive attribute as it allows for quick line changes and makes me seek out places to catch air on the trail.  Gravity junkies will also enjoy the fact that the head angle was slackened to 65.5 degrees and the rear travel is 165mm.  It's probably obvious that it's not the best climber in the world but it gets you to the tops without complaints, especially if you throw on a 42 tooth cog!

Here's what I noticed for improvements over the previous year's specification for the enduro and other aspects about the bike that stand out...

Suspension: This is my second Rock Shox Pike and it is a great fork, even the RC version.  The shock is more of the weak link here.  It hasn't been that bad, but I've found that I'm either putting too much air pressure in it to handle the big hits or, in search of better small bump eating, I am blowing through the travel on the bigger hits. I'll admit that I'm not one for fiddle with switches much and the few times I've flipped the CTD to climb a long grind better, I've gotten down to the parking lot and realized I was still in climb mode.  I would be tempted to sell it and buy something better if it wasn't a proprietary item. Part of the appeal of an upgrade (if Specialized even makes a shock mount for the one I'm interested in buying) is that you can offset part of the cost of the new item from the sale of the current. Yet the best case scenario here would be to keep it as a backup since resale is essentially zero.  I'm sure my plea will fall on deaf ears but if you are going to spec proprietary parts like this, then at least have an upgrade option at the time of purchase.

Wheels: Specialized should be commended for the goldilocks rims on this bike.  No, I'm not talking about the 27.5 inch diameter wheels but rather the rim width of the alloy Roval Fatties that come stock.  The internal width measures 29mm and was a noticeable enhancement over 23mm. Think of how many bikes these days come straight from the manufacturer with wide rims. The answer is not many.  So if you want to go that way, you're looking at a pricey upgrade. Very wide rims (35-40mm) may or may not be the future but right now I like how the butchers fill out yet keep a good corner on the medium width rim. The strength and weight are reasonable and the wheels have held true for me so far.

Brakes:  The Formula brakes that were on the last year's rig worked well enough but would slowly get spongy and needed a bleed every couple of months.  Going to Shimano's brakes was a good call as they are widely regarded as the best out there.  Having been on various Shimano brakes over the past few years I can say that the lower spec'd Deore feel no different to me than the XTs.

Drivetrain: All of the higher models of this bike come with some version of Sram's 1x11 drivetrain including a 10-42 cassette.  The comp comes with a 1x drivetrain but it's the 10 speed clutch derailleur paired to a 11-36 cassette.  I already had owned a larger, 42 tooth aftermarket cog so adding it in helped widen the gear range a bit. It is a compromise in shifting performance but worth it in my opinion.  One nice touch was the inclusion of a upper-only chainguide. This minimal guide attaches via the ISCG tabs and offers additional peace of mind through the rough stuff.  When paired with the narrow-wide ring, I've not dropped a chain.

Misc notes: Thankfully Specialized updated the seatpost collar from a poor quality quick release to a functional binder bolt. The seat tube is almost an inch shorter than it was on the 29er and this also means that the stand over is a little better too. That was good news for me as I like lowering my seat as much out of the way as possible on steeps and jumps.  My size medium bike weighs a smidge over 30 pounds with pedals, a reverb dropper, and butcher "grid" casing tires which have a tougher (and heavier) sidewall than stock.  After owning black colored bikes for a few years in a row, I was glad to mix it up with the white, red and black combo.  I think this color looks really sharp and it's too bad Specialized doesn't have it, or the electric blue color, as an option on the other aluminum model known as the elite.  The paint itself has held up fairly well to the usual scrapes and rocks chipping away on it and I did add a number of the included clear protective stickers to the frame to guard against cable rub.

Overall, the enduro 650b is a great do-it-all bike with an emphasis on descending and being able to tackle the technical and bigger hits out there.  Attention to detail on the small things has led to improvements over the previous years specifications and result in a bike with few flaws.  Though the comp model may not be blingy enough for many riders out there, I think the components are solid enough. I've come to terms with my few complaints and have found a happy medium for the shock performance. A couple of tweaks including the mandatory dropper post and a better shock would take this bike to the next level.  All summed up, and rating it on the stock set up, I'll give the enduro 650b 4 stars.

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