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Yup, missed it. there be words hiding under them pretty pictures!

Personally I'd rather see a bigger spread than the first place winner taking half the purse but maybe this is normal? Good on them for bumping it up though!

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Good news. I think each of these changes is a step forward. The occasional wood feature didn't bug me too much but it's good to see them find a fresh zone and not have wood features this time.

The one thing not addressed here but I'll be curious to see is if they do anything to better compensate the riders and their crews this year.

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Those soft bottles are great for bike parks too.. Fill it at the bottom, drink it on the lift.. stash the folded down empty in your pocket for the way down..

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That was one of the best bike edits I've ever seen. Me: , Gwin:

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Agreed, chalk it up as a loss and get some new rubber. If you want to roll the dice and try to patch it, at least put it on the rear (if it's not already). Riding out a rear blowout is one thing but doing the same on the front is a different kind of ... more »

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Vail could pull it off easy with the terrain, space for crowds and pits and its close to denver for easy team travel. I do like the idea of the frontside of telluride. That would be wild but theres no room for a finish area if im remembering right... ... more »

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I don't know about coolest ever but I just had a good high speed rip down a fairly wide trail with some buddies. All jockeying to be in the lead; laughing and giving each other a hard time. Sometimes it's about the company as much as the trail.

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I'll play, since I'm nerdy enough to log my rides into a spreadsheet. Over the past 4 years my breakout is 54% DH bike parks/shuttles and 46% trail rides. Plus I'm lucky enough to live close to work and can commute by bike so there's that too.

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Get in to trail-building Stop resisting the urge to buy a DH bike, you can thank me/yourself? later

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It's a good question. I would venture to guess that 1) he enjoys being a part of the process and 2) he's in a position to call the shots down to the specifics of his set-up. Not too many other wc riders have that interest or leverage.

A tangent note: It's a bit of a head scratcher at first to have him go with TRP brakes, for example. But these companies are the ones who can gain the most from a high profile athlete repping their stuff. What is Sram going to gain to have him on their stuff? Their gear is proven.

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Terrible news. Heck of a nice guy. Gonna miss seeing him around Colorado in the summer. Damn.

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Very good
So can you give more details on the 18th bike in the test?
Is that the new YT between the Scott and Specialized?
Tell us please, wht is it

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I could see staying on a demo frame except he wouldn't do it for free. A smaller slice sure but Gwin will get sponsors for everything down to the powerlink on his chain if possible. It makes more sense for him to change frames as a company eager to get ... more »

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That pump & bottle trick looks cool, as does the new floor pumps with the burst capability. I'll probably go that direction once my trusty pump dies but I'm in no hurry as the nearby gas station has a nice compressor and free air 24/7. Here's a few ... more »

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I'm elated that Paul is walking under his own power, and elated that we have actually managed to move the needle.

BT, props! Keep up the good work.

Zink, your courage on the advocacy / ambassador side is just as impressive as your courage on...more

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Mongool, please draw some stick figure cartoons. I'm better with pictures than words.

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I hadn't noticed the slap to the face until you mentioned it. And that folks is why we wear full face helmets

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if he comes up a foot short it's not a pretty ending

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