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There's nobody getting owned. BCD had a mech system(inboard)from memory, maybe a Nexus system too. There were others also, Nicolai had a nice one(well ugly wrong geo etc but cool). Not sure what predates what, but they've all been executed differently. At the ned of the day, you can buy a Zerode, it's as good or better than anything else with a gearbox(better than every DH bike IMO). No need for anyone to get upset, just get a ride on a Zerode, and enjoy, it's what it's all about remember.

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The GT IT was first shown about ten years ago, and was debatably a copy of the Lahar they had apparently seen at a show not long before. It was released with what I think to be next to zero changes from the bike they showed years before(one incarnation had a full moto style seat). Not sure why GT killed the concept by releasing it in such dated "freeride" geo(high BB, steep head angle), guess they had the gigs made or something. Apparently they released it as Shimanno wouldn't let them run the Nexus, but agreed to the Alfine or something. Either way, apart from the dud geo, the Zerode is much better executed, a more simple tensioner system, and disk brake on the side it should be, apart from better weight, geo etc.
Moving on.
Sure Mikey is a better rider than spokes man, and got some details wrong. But none the less, a lot of the points are true.
I've been on a Zerode for about 8 months I think, and am loving it, been a high pivot fan for years(Balfa, Brooklyn, Lahar, etc, all have lived in my stable, as well as non high pivot bikes now and then).
The Alfine gear spacing is great IMO, nice big spaces, none of this shifting for tediously smaller cadence performance, but clunk, that's a different gear. The shifting when pedaling isn't much different to with a mech, you still need to soft pedal for a milli second, BUT, if not pedaling(and here's the gold), you can shift and be in that gear when you pedal again, so cornering, bombing a rock garden, whatever, shift and power out in the gear you want. Once you're brain is used to this, you can just blitz gear changing, and always have the right gear to get going.
The chains last a hell of a lot longer, as they're not being rammed into another sprocket by a mech at an angle they don't like(seriously, are bikes still being made with this primitive gear shifting, c'mon Shimanno, Sram, pull the trigger, you obviously have boxes ready to go, stop milking the mech for all the profits you can, give back to your customers).
For any doubters of the designs, just look at the Ozzy, and New Zealand race results, pretty much every Zerode raced podiums I think.
The frames aren't the lightest, but with all the weight between your legs below your knees, and acting as a ballast/counter weight for the light rear end to pendulum off, the bikes ride super light and responsive.
Get a go on one, a long go so you can learn the shifting, and let your subconscious milk all the benefits, and you'll be amazed and pretty sure you'll be buying one.
Anyone can feel free to shoot me any questions they have about the Zerodes. If you're in Australia by chance, there's a demo/rental one at Thredbo.
Sorry for the rant, just the bikes are so good, people theorizing without having ridden one really need to just have a go on one.
All bikes are a compromise, pick the bet one for you, I think Zerode will tick the most boxes for most people.

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This video has 37 comments.

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