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Knollys rule! My 2011 delirium is still blowing my mind !
Waiting for that carbon sl Captain Noel!

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Knolly Bikes Rock !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Nice recovery Rachel!

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Intense manual Dude!

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Excellent Photos!!! Like the black and white swiss shot.

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My #1 One!!!!


The Good: Pedals excellent, 4x4 suspension gets great traction, for a 7" suspension bike it climbs like a champ!Frame is built like a brick shithouse, soaks up landings like a sponge and craves to be pointed downhill.

The Bad: Not much really, maybe price an weight but typical for what else is out there.

Overall: This is my one bike. Sure i could own three bikes, but my XL frame with a ccdb coil on the rear and my 180mm van on front weighs in @ 36.5lbs. thats with carbon six c crank and bars and heavy rims and tires. For an XL frame that could take heavy hits all day thats not bad. I could easily lose 3lbs by changing the van to a float and go to a much lighter wheelset. But the bike is staying the way it is because it pedals just fine. For those of you not wearing a skirt and perfume on your rides and are looking for just one bike for xc, freeride and downhill i recommend the Knolly Delirium 100%. Rich from CT.

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