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Well written.

Honest question: How does MTB compare to other high-risk, contest-centric extreme sports such as BMX & FMX? While I don't think there's necessarily an event in the latter group that compares to Rampage in terms of the overall "gnarly" factor, the risk factor is indeed quite high (there have been serious injuries & death; e.g. Stephen Murray, Jeremy Lusk). Do they have the same problems w/ insurance, payouts, judging, etc.? I wonder if they're doing anything differently, if at all, and if there's any positive takeaways that MTB contest promoters can learn from?

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Internal cable routing is a pain full stop! Can be noisy but mostly impractical, need to change a brake during a race weekend? just takes so much longer, a waste of time! that time can be used for practising/riding the trail.

I bigger concern is the reach figure, why so short?!!!! 411 mm for a medium and...more

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Yeah, I love the level of bitching about "no 26." You know what a 27.5 fork feels like? It feels like a 26" fork that's one headset spacer taller.

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Aaaand no 20mm thru!

Stupid Random Acronym Machine

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No 20 thru axle and not in 26", guess I'll have to stick with my Fox 36 Float 180. And no, I would never run a taller 27.5 fork on a 26". Just because u can, doesn't mean u should. That messes up the intended geo and is just retarded.

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Damn Brendog -- ballin' !!

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Why is Atomlab still making rims?

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And if you're not a sally you can cruise the fire road to the other side of the mountain until June 25th.

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How tall are you? I'm considering this bike & debating between Medium or Large

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Graduate college and get daily shot on the same day! Feeling like Ice Cube right now

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The UCI really oughtta give some leeway in the situations where a rider eat shit, flies off the course, and re-enters at a different spot -- albeit at a huge time disadvantage.

From Gwin's IG:

In an era where qualifying points matter [a lot], Gwin getting DSQ'ed in quali's may have already wrecked his chances at the overall title for this year. That's pretty lame.

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You mean, it looks like a fugly V10 :-)

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