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Added a product review for Nema Digi Gloves 7/3/2012 7:27 AM

In the market for a pair of summer mittens? Read on...


The Good: Lightweight; Cool and breathable; Good fit; Good feel; Great value for money; Color choice and nice styling

The Bad: Not much protection on offer, but they are minimalist, summer gloves.


Anyone who has ever ridden gloveless knows the great, "in control" feel you get from having your hands directly in contact with the grips, and one of the hardest things I've come across in my years of riding is to find a pair that can replicate just that. Sadly, I've yet to find such a thing, but the Nema Digi aren't that long a way from it.Right out of the box, they feel light as anything and look the beez knees. Once put on, provided that you get the right size, they fit like a glove, if you pardon the pun. The cuffless design works great, since they stay in place ever since I got them, quite a few months ago.

Out on the trail, the thin palm material, although not being the thinnest I've worn, gives you a good feel on the bars whilst still being comfy on longer rides and not tearing apart on the first off. Quite the contrary, since mine are yet to rip anywhere and even the seams haven't broken where many other brands seem to fall apart (the one place that pops up in my mind is the space between the thumb and index finger).The upper body is made from a thin mesh, which keeps the weight down and the coolness up on hot days. Of course this means the protection factor is quite low, but being a hardcore bang-on-the-rocks sort of the thing isn't their purpose anyway.

To sum up, the Digi are a great pair of gloves if you're looking for something with a good fit, feel and value for money, whilst not worrying too much about protecting your hands in a crash. I've put them through their paces in everything from road riding to trail riding and downhill/freeride and they've passed every test. Seeing as the very low price is the icing on top of the cake, I'd definitely buy another pair.

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Added a product review for Five Ten Cyclone Freeride Shoes 5/29/2012 2:17 PM

Looking for substance over style? Don't need to make a choice here.


The Good: Very comfy shoes; grippy sole around the cleat area; no problems whatsoever clipping in and out; little cleat interference when walking; even though looks are always relative, these beauties look the beez knees.

The Bad: Pushy price tag; quite heavy; won't help your feet feel cool in hot days.

Overall: When you wear Shimano DX shoes for two years, you get used to a feeling of practicality and stiffness on your feet and sort of forget about the comfort area. Having that said, it's no surprise that I was blown away when I first tried on the Five Ten Cyclones: you immediately feel your feet cushioned by it's inside, to a point where you almost forget that you have a piece of metal under a plastic plack under them. 
The annoying clicking sound and slippyness are much less noticeable than with many other shoes, even if it is still there.

 Once you get out on the trails, you feel absolutely confident that the clipping issue is going to be dealt with with ease, since the cleat is positioned just right (neither too far inside the sole nor too far outside), and the thick and grippy sole (typical Stealth rubber) will take care of the comfort department when clipped in, as well as make your feet less tired when compared to harder soles, and it will also ensure good grip in case things get gnarly (assuming you have a big enough "platform" on your pedals), due to the sole pattern being the typicall Five Ten circles.
 It isn't all good though: besides the frankly humongous price tag (considering that the 661 and Shimano DH shoes are much cheaper), you will also need to be ready to get your feet very hot during the summer, since they aren't that breathable. On the other hand, the waterproofing could be worse if they had more air openings, so that really makes it up.

Overall, these are very good shoes and an option to seriously consider if you're in the market for new clipless kicks. If under the radar style is your thing, these will surely be right up your alley, but you do need the cash to make it happen.

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