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Added a product review for Nukeproof Proton Flat Pedal 2/21/2014 3:02 AM

Black Nukeproof Proton with a CroMo Axle


The Good: - Big surface - More than enough pins - Sealed bearings - Reasonable price

The Bad: - Slightly heavy - Replacement pins are a bit too long


I've been using these pedals for about 3 months now, and can definitely say that they can take a beating! The guys in Nukeproof have made a very durable and tough pedal which are also big enough for most riders. As for the grip, no complaints here. The 95x95mm surface offers plenty of grip. Add 10 adjustable pins on each side and you really feel glued to your pedals. Maintenance wise, these are very easy to disassemble and clean, while with the sealed cartridge bearings you will do it far lees often.

On the downside, these pedals are definitely not for weight-weenies. They aren't too heavy, but there are far lighter pedals on the market if that's what you look for. In addition, even though Nukeproof offers all the needed replacement parts (Including titanium axles), the replacement pins I ordered were way too long in my opinion. With some deformed holes from broken pins it makes me think it's a poor pin design.

Overall though, the Nukeproof Proton are a real bargain! If you don't feel like spending $150+ on pedals, these are the ones for you.

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