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"There may be a couple good clips, but there's always the standout crash clip that is the most memorable visual of the commercial and that's why mountain biking is used. For crashes."

If you look at a NASCAR promo, a sport which is heavily sponsored, you'll see a whole mess of crashes. That's how they attempt to gain interest in the sport to the casual fan. In the entirety of a 500 mile race, you might see one or two crashes.

Promos are there to generate excitement; a promo is merely a snapshot. BTW, the girl who bites it in the above commercial, that's a pretty gnarly crash.

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First, NOT going to complain about word count. Nice to read some thought out, articulate expression instead of a 250 word caption. Thank you.

As for wants - better bikes for less money?

How about maybe just the same bikes for less money? Bikes are pretty fancy nowadays, and besides wheel size and carbon, not changing a whole lot. I don't want more, I just want normal at a reasonable price. More trails would be nice, but there's many caveats in there... More races? No. Enduro and Urban DH has about sewn that up. RedBull is taking care of the rest. More WC level DH races in a season might be cool though.

More content... really? I can hardly keep up with all the websites anymore, let alone instafacetwitterbookgram... We have enough of a LOT of things (but I can't seem to get enough of Vital! haha)

Maybe we need to learn to appreciate more? Savor what we have.

As for Rampage, it was mishandled - should at least have had qualified commentators, that could have tried to include the uninitiated and define some things, level of difficulty, rider bios... The visuals were great though, however giving it to NBC was a mistake. Even the Wide World of Sports days suffered from un or mis-informed commentary. Network TV is going down, and thinking or planning on future big 3 broadcasts is waste. Neflix it, or HBO, or invent a new outlet. RedBull is big enough to develop something like that, if they're interested. But expecting a network broadcast of Rampage to bolster the sport is naive.

(I don't for one second believe that more outside sponsorship or attention will bring bike or component prices down. I don't believe anything will. Companies charge more and more every year.)

"Mainstream" and it's importance is going to evolve in the next decade, perhaps dramatically. Cycling in general has got it goin' on right now, on a strength. Room for improvement - yes. Room for appreciation - definitely.
Totally agree with the last paragraph, right on. Great read.

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There was one move in there that had nothing to do with the bike that really impressed me. When he first gets to the slabs of rock, he does a big up, lands on rear wheel, pedals the wheele into a j-zap up the next big shelf. Tech.

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Yeah, but it was pretty clear the announcers didn't know what they were talking about half the time. I am super stoked Andreu won it and that he did it on a run like that: BIG mountain. You could tell after first runs they were rewarding creative lines and the dodgy-ness of them more than tricks for which I am very glad.

Between Andreu, Zink, Kyle and a few others I was left slack jawed that the things they were attempting was even doable. How the hell they thought those moves were ridable to being with?! Just amazing!

Some really creative lines from Brendan and Paul Bas as well. Those might have been winners in previous years. The level is absolutely insane...

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I go to mountain bike news sites and then get mad when I see mountain bike news there.

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