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Added a product review for ODI Troy Lee Designs Lock On Grip 1/18/2013 1:46 PM

TLD Grips, do just that GRIP!!


The Good: Excelent grip!!, Look great, compfortable, durable.

The Bad: To bad they didn't have more color options. I purchased two pair of grips to get the color combo I wanted. Not really a big deal that they don't , but this would be nice.


With the way the grips are designed when your pulling back on the bars it's like your hands are glued to the grips. I've been putting them through a lot of abuse and they are taking a beating for sure.

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Added a product review for Niterider MiNewt.600 Cordless Bike Light 12/7/2012 6:26 AM

Great light for the price.


The Good: Good price. Lights the trail up enough for a somewhat decent paced ride. Clamps on and off your bars easy. Can be used as a flashlight if needed .Has a good look to it. Real Durable. Wide beam.

The Bad: Shakey beam when strapped to your helmet. Not enough light if you really want to blaze thru the trail. Long charge time (5 hours) Only lasts 1.5 hours on the brightes setting.


This is my first light that I've purchased and I'm defintely happy with it. But it's stilljust not enough light to ride the trail with if you want to really go fast.If your just leasurly riding, it's more then enough light to shine your way. I would suggest this light to a friend, because of the quality and price for what it does.

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