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What do you think

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I was hoping Specialized would be the last to run 650b on their demos. Is the Enduro Evo a 650b?

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Do you really need dual crown forks for DH or can a single crown fork do it all.

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I only wear gloves if it is really cold. I find gloves give me blister and because I row, my hands have become really tough. over time your hands will harden up, but it depends on conditions, and I also think about wearing them for protection.

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You can ride so much more on a slope bike, i have a banshee and run a long cable and a custom down tube mount for my shifter. this is the only bike i have and i ride it on anything, from downhill to skate parks. if i was you i would go for the slope ... more »

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Hey Guys, Dose anyone know how big the jumps will be at the Bright slopestyle comp. How many of you will I see there.

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i have waited 2 weeks to watch this and this is so short, if they are going to continue to be this short, they should release these every week.

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