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im obsessed!

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Having given the new Bronson and 5010, Troy, Attack Trail, Hei Hei and Process, Mojo 3, Habit, and Slash a go, this is the best pedaling bike I've been on. So much so it feels like cheating a little and I've even giggled punching up loose shelfy climbs on the Scout. Kinda mind blowing how play a bike can be that feels so planted on climbs. If you got the dough and want that extra baller factor in the bike you ride, both of the others are great choices. This is the funest bike I've ridden other than the Smuggler.

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You'd have to sell your 26" bike just to afford the case and pallets.

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A friend designer create and put on grafic vinil. #bgfx on facebook

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Where did you get that graphics pack!?!? love it!!!

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