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Added reply in a thread Who would win? Sam Hill vs Nico Vouilloz in their prime 5/22/2014 10:45 PM

It's a pretty impossible comparison really. It's like comparing Fangio to Schumacher or Senna with Hamilton. They are riders from different eras and the sport has changed massively, both in terms of the tracks and equipment they use. There's no doubt ... more ยป

Added a comment about video Cairns DH Highlights 4/28/2014 8:22 AM

Brilliant footage as ever but I had to mute the speakers half way through. What's with the gash, over dramatic, hollywood style music on these Red Bull edits. It's like they send the footage to RB, then some corporate pleb adds the soundtrack.

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Added a comment about video Daily Slays from the Parkin Brothers - Red Bull World Cup Video from Pietermaritzburg, Day 1 4/11/2014 9:08 AM

I think it's good that RedBull are getting involved. The speed these edits are available is unbelievable and more resources can only be a good thing for the filmmakers. Plus I can now watch the live coverage in comfort on Apple TV. Sad to lose Dirt TV and I only hope that Red Bull give us unbiased footage, rather than it being focused on Red Bull sponsored riders.

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Added a comment about video Ermahgerd Nermerd! 4/8/2014 1:18 AM

ha that was funny, but I was expecting a Miami Vice style remake with Jan Hammer as the soundtrack.

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Added a comment about product review Tested: X-Fusion RV1 HLR Fork 2/27/2014 2:51 AM

The bumpers are designed to be run in combination with cable ties. Like this http://ride.io/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/IMG_2151.jpg

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Added a comment to The Garage's bike check 10/8/2013 8:03 AM

That frame is a work of art, and the custom etching is a nice touch. Build is let down slightly by the fork decals.

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Liked a comment on the item Full Custom Santa Cruz V10 - The Ring 10/8/2013 8:01 AM

Wow. Never seen spokes like that! Nice work. Just one thing: Fox stickers have been inverted! Left right

Added a comment about photo Onza Tires Coming to the States 9/25/2013 1:35 AM

Coming to the States would tire me out too.

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Added a comment about feature Blue Ribbon Banter: Gwinning Killed The MTB Star 9/19/2013 2:26 AM

I feel like this article is written from a very American stand point. Maybe his success has had a bigger influence on the US riders - as an inspiration, and that is what you are seeing. The groms want to win like Gwin, so they act like Gwin. If Gwin acted like Shaun Palmer, maybe you guys would have to wait another 15 years before a top rider comes out of the USA. Right now, I'm sure Gwin's success will result in many more top 20 WC level riders coming out of the US over the next 5-10 years. Looking at the bigger picture, the rest of the world just respect Gwin's talent and realise they have to up their game to beat him. Yes Gwin's dominance has moved the sport on, but WC racing has always been serious at the top level. Just take a look at videos from the 90's when the top guys were being paid 6 figure salaries. The interviews are along the lines of "my GT bike and Rockshox suspension worked awesome and my Michelin tyres hooked up good, etc ". Seriously embarrassing to look back on but those were the corporate days of the sport, not now. I think if Gwin had dominated for 5+ years, like Sebastien Loeb has in world rally, then it can have a negative impact on the popularity of the sport. Close competition is always more exciting than pure dominance by a single person.

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Added a comment about video RAW: Hafjell, Norway World Cup Downhill Qualifying 9/14/2013 9:31 AM

Yeah that's Matty Stuttard. He's an up and coming UK rider. Always quick, he was 2nd through the Mnt Snt Anne speed trap in qualifiers.

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Added a comment to Oz_Taylor's bike check 8/14/2013 1:48 AM

Wow thanks guys!

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Added bike check Giant Glory DH 2012 by Slik Graphics 8/13/2013 9:00 AM