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Best: 1. 2014 Fox Float 40 (hands down the best fork I have ever ridden). 2. Scorpion Bike Stand (this is my favorite non-bike mounted part I have bought in years) 3. Easton Havoc Carbon 35mm x 800mm bar and 35mm Direct Mount Stem (Wider is better). ... more »

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Race Weapon (Frame Only Review)


The Good: Weight, geometry and almost endless geometry options, strength, carbon fiber, stiff, options for wheel spacing, comes with standard headset installed and a Cane Creek Angleset in the box! Internal cable routing option, built in fork bumpers, carbon frame protection.

The Bad: Price, shock.


This is for frame review only so cannot comment on the stock spec list. This frame is the best I have ridden to date. I upgraded from the Aluminum Session 88 DH and yes there was a very noticeable difference due to the instant 2lb drop and carbon fiber's reaction to rough terrain. I had to change all my compression and rebound settings. I have a fully custom build that I swapped straight over from the aluminum. The frame is not a plower like others I have ridden in the past. The weight allows it to be light and nimble so that can sometimes lead to quick line changes without expecting them. I run mine rather high in compression front and rear so I ride on top of the rocks and be able to pedal without bob. The frame has a very dynamic feel on the trail. You can move it and throw it around with ease due to it's lighter weight.I built and rode it initially with the TWR Fox RC4 rear shock with Ti spring and simply did not like it. Bike was 34lb (large). However, I could not get the RC4 to smooth out small bumps. I switched it to my Cane Creek Double Barrel/Ti combo and it made all the difference. With a beefier wheel change mine now sits at 35lb 0oz which feels great. The only annoyance I have is the derailleur hanger. The design of it positions the derailleur extremely far back so it makes for very odd geometry for the derailleur in relation to the cassette. I have to run the derailleur without the B-tension screw and still only gears 4-10 work perfectly. Even a top World Cup mechanic could not figure it out. It was recommended by another mechanic to take a Dremmel tool to the hanger to bring it in more forward! Since I only really use 4-10 I have not worried about it. When all the same drivetrain was on the 88 it worked flawlessly and effortlessly in all gears. I'm running all new X.0 10sp shifter, X.9 Type 2 short 10sp derailleur so parts aren't the prob. I fully feel it is the odd rearward positioning of the hanger. Otherwise, this frame is perfect.

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Tuup_J, I weigh 185 lbs with gear and it runs 35-40% sag. I have been testing psi and 185-195psi seems to be my window. Will know more this weekend.

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Tuup_J, It had to go back to the bench to adjust it internally for the falling rate full floater design of my Session 88's rear suspension. It feels much better now. Still gotta get on the hill to turn knobs to get it right. As of right now just on local trails Compression is full minimum, Ending is full fast and Beginning is three clicks in from full fast and 185psi which is about my body weight in lbs. I like a lot of wheel movement but rockgardns will be the better test. We will see this weekend.

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I just mounted up mine with a custom tune on my 2010 Session 88 DH and no matter what settings were done or psi the middle third of travel was stiff, dead and had no rebound or compression characteristics. It just rode into the sag and stayed there. The first third of travel felt good but rebound was still slow even with all both rebound full fast and compression full soft. Any ideas? It is on its way back to the tuner so they can figure it out but they weren't exactly sure what it could be.

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