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That is an awesome photoshop. Don't hate.

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Hey all as the PMB Track builder - I want to clear up some issues behind the statements made that this is (60%) of the world cup track - what you see here is NOT a world cup track - there are a TON of deviations off the track that will be utilized for the World Cup - this was a national event that went around all the new sections that are being built for the World Cup - so before all of you have hissy fits - wait until the event ... and then you are most welcome to complain as eveyone who doesnt ride the track always does.

The actual track has a ton of new sections - with the only thing that is the same in this video being the pedal from the tabletops and a bit of the bottom section ...

Just letting everyone know before they all have a meltdown in front of their PC's like has happened on Dirt's facebook page already.

Nige - the PMB Track builder and Manager

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Expensive? Its a Carbon bike with top of the line specs for 4K. You aint getting them cheaper then this..
If you want cheap go for a alu bike like that Yt wicked comp..

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Who here has actually ridden PMB?

It may not be steep and rooty like the European courses, but those who have ridden it will know that it has its own challenges, and DH sized cahonas are still needed.

Exiting the gully at over 70kph (44mph) and hitting a large step down then 2x 24m (79ft) tables... not for the faint hearted. Could 9 is also way trickier than it looks on camera.

As for the "but they're using enduro bikes" argument. Some riders at Rampage use medium to short travel slopestyle bikes. It doesn't make it any less of a "Big Mountain" event.

So what PMB may lack in steep rooted rocky gradient, it more than makes up for in speed and big hits.

I personally think it would be boring if all WC tracks were alike. It's nice to have varience. The course designers have done a brilliant job with what they've got (note that they trail build part time and have full time jobs). At last years World Champs, the rider feedback was very positive. It seems most of the negative insights come from those who have never ridden it themselves.

If you guys are ever in SA with a bike (DH or Enduro, haha) give PMB a go, you may just like it!

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Cheers, Noah.

So many other companies are replacing or “upgrading" their 26-inch bikes with 27.5 that the question needed to be answered - is the SB75 a viable SB66 replacement? We knew a lot of people were wondering if that was the case. If not, where does it fit in?

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This is the greatest g-out gallery ever.

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2 of the best photographers in the country covering the event is our investment. placement on the homepage has little relevance with how many people see an article and it has since been bumped back up with full results available. if you had links and info on results, send them on or leave them in the comments. we'll add them to the articles as needed. it's a TEAM effort out there for all of us and that includes you helping out to make our sport great by providing information you have.

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