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Hello David, What are your thoughts about stuntin' on jumps mid race run?

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Hi, I'm Noah. Brand Manager of MRP. I ride bikes most days. I rode mountain bikes a lot as a kid in Colorado, but moved to Texas for my teen years. It was there that I pioneered the Birkenstock and socks look now popular with old Germans.

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Reply to Enduro practice - Should it be standardized? 7/27/2015 9:10 AM

It's funny that this race is being made an example of considering we're talking about people showing up less than a week before to ride - unless my calendar is real dodgy, the race starts this Friday. So, that means folks (like me) who were up there

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First off, thanks for noticing my Instagram account. Yes, I was in Crested Butte this weekend riding, seemed like a good idea with the race less than a week away and the temperatures here at home approaching triple digits. A couple points: To me, cheating ... more »

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I think it means they can't compete for team points, aren't guaranteed pit space, and have to register individually for every World Cup.

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It has the same compression lever as a Debonair and you can see the sag gradients on the shaft. Also, that fork on the front is a Pike.Here he is riding SuntourAnd here, FoxAnd here, a Pike

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Haha, no. That's a Monarch Debonair with a DVO sticker on it.

Reply to Lift Ticket Prices Vs Available Terrain 6/12/2014 11:17 AM

Yeesh, only 5-points down at Trestle? Surely something must be open from the top to 5-points...

New thread What was on Zink's D3 at Rampage? 10/15/2013 4:37 PM

Seen here So, what was that? An airbag in case the big ol' backflip went south?

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I really dig my POC Trabec. Nicely constructed, good fit, subtle graphics. Win.

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Tracey Hannah - TOTALLY HOT Mick Hannah looking like he's enjoying himself out there (and not crashing in the final) - HOT Richie Rude the new fast American dude (Neko too) - HOT LOOKATTHESTATS- HOT Julien Camellini, privateer - HOT Bryn Atkinson healthy ... more »

New thread Everyone got their Fantasy League team finalized? 3/8/2012 9:21 PM

With World Cup round one just one week away, now is the time to get your team together! I used to make fun of people that participated in fantasy sports leagues, but I'm pretty excited about this! I'm thinking I've got a pretty solid team together - ... more »

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In short: no. You'd also need a new crown and most manufacturers aren't keen on reusing your stanchions either. So you'd really need what's called a "CSU" - which is a fresh crown, steerer, and stanchions (uppers). That'll cost you at least $300 at retail ... more »

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Spent about an hour playing last night! Got the double backflips down with the hardtail and big drawn out ones on the big bike! I wish real free-chucking was this easy! Thanks for the link!

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Me, Crested Butte 2009. Clipped an aspen tree and darted into a rock garden. I like how you can see the photographer who took pic #2 in pic #1.

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I look forward to: - the abandonment of press-in BB's on bikes without ISCG tabs - and ISCG tabs on more bikes! - 11 speed, wide range cassettes, and micro drivetrains - more 650b tires - The Whole Enchilada Enduro race - it's gonna make Downieville ... more »

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Kyle Strait on GT?

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Being a tech-geek, I'm excited to see some new bike+rider combos: Gee on the GT Fury Troy and Sam on a Carbon Demo 8? Brendawg on a Carbon Gambler? Brook on a Mondraker (just an assumption, MS has moved to Mondraker, no?)? Bryn on the Norco Aurum We've ... more »

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Downhill skiing seems to be doing okay.