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hey, remember that one time when vital had 4 slideshows from PMB 2014 with 169 action/lifestyle photos and 48 audio clips interviewing the racers about their racing?

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Liked a comment about product review First Ride: RockShox BoXXer with Charger Damper 4/1/2014 9:03 AM

April fools! The fork actually exploded and killed Sven and 11 sheep.

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Call me boring, unimaginative, even parochial, but I have grand designs on riding trails in Europe, Africa, the Himalaya, South America, Canada and NZ on my bucket list. This is of course an entirely subjective opinion, but the locations listed hardly smack of grandeur or legend. I want to read about or watch videos of impressive riding in unimaginable scenery to feature on a bucket list. No offence but listing those locations is like having Top Gear review a 1987 Toyota Corolla. How about an article featuring some of the most coveted trails on each continent? Tell you what, get the readers of Vital to post up a video of their fav trail in their own country, get them whittled down to the top 10 for each continent then I will spend the whole of 2015 visiting, riding and reviewing them. I'm open to sponsorship offers and endorsements bike companies!!!!

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Ugh. This looks terrible. If you wanna carry a bottle why not get get a bottle cage. Or I dunno just wear a better fitting hydro pack. I never notice mine when I am riding. Also, why is this called "Forget the Pack". Aren't they really saying forget the pack you already have and come buy our weird under garment pack thing instead? Finally if you wanna tuck your bottle (who still uses water bottles anyway?) into your shirt how about you just use an xc jersey. Lord know you don't care about the way you look if your on the trail tucking water bottles in to your shorts.

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So does a spinal injury

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Hey Scott - I'm 30 years old and used to live in Utah, I've been to the old site and have walked around it. I have followed Rampage from the first year they did it when I was a senior in high school. I've been riding mountain bikes since 1996 and I'm not a hack... well I'm still a hack.

I just don't want the wood features to become a slippery slope and are required to hit to win (regardless of what the judges say). Also I'd hate it if riders felt that they needed to hit any of them to even podium. In addition I wouldn't like to see an increasing number of wood features be added year over year. I think this could funnel people to certain zones and limit creativity of line choice which from what I understand is the spirit of the event. Opinions not bitchiness. I'm very grateful for Rampage and everyone/everything that takes to put on a great event.

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Sorry I call BS, Troy a good result after coming back from a major injury a year out, so fine, but BS on focus was on next week, youve been off for a year, its been 8 months since a WC from last year and with only 5 races this season for WC ya focus is on Rd 2 common! Sounds like allot lf corporate gibber jabber to me from both of them and I like Troy too, pegged him ways back as a future senior champ still do.

As for Gwin, well what can you say, its a bad result period, most dominant rider last 2 years defending Ft Bill champ, 8 months to prepare and 20th, in a season this short even he cant come back from that to win the series overall unless everyone else has a bad result, in the last 3-4 years I dont think anyone was won the overall series finishing lower in every round out of the top 5 its been so close, correct me if Im wrong! Ive no doubt Gwin and Troy could might even win next week or any other round, but somethings definitely not right, I also dont have much fan for Gwin, repect as a rider and what hes achieved yes, but he's got no history or respect for the sport, he could leave tommorrow and do something else and not miss it he's that kind of dude and how he definitely promotes himself in interviews, he dosent rate the World Champs, never liked that about him, nothing personal just dont like that attitude.

Peaty now theyres a true champion and if he has a bad week he will tell you no BS.
Hes someone who cares and has history for the sport, Im hanging my hat on Sam this week though, thats Sam Hill btw, hes going to kill it, Sam is back, DH moons are in alignment, lets get ready to rumble

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Liked a comment about news blog Dave Weagle Sues Giant for Patent Infringement 5/5/2013 1:52 PM

So a guy invents a completely new suspension system, files and gets patents on it, then some company steals his work and decides to string him along for years while pretending to negotiate around licensing the design, until the point where he's had it and decides to sue. And not only that, it happens AGAIN with ANOTHER design...and now somehow, this is actually his fault and he's a loser for complaining? You're saying he should NOT go after "everybody" who steals his work???

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Liked a comment about press release Developing: Trek World Racing Wants Aaron Gwin Back, Whiteley May Pursue Legal Action 1/8/2013 2:24 PM

It's funny how up in arms people are about this if you take a step back and look at the bigger picture and how much this impacts any of our lives. Racing bikes are these athletes jobs/careers/income/whathaveyou and a business just like any other. Pursuing an opportunity to make more money (I'm only assuming. I know nothing of the contract details, nor do I feel the need to) when you can in a sport where your time at the top is uncertain and limited, seems logical. I wouldn't for one second think negatively of Aaron because of his decision. After all, it is ultimately his decision, and a business one at that. If it makes him happy and betters his way of life, excellent. Forget all the drama, looking forward to some exciting racing in 2013.

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Liked a comment about press release Developing: Trek World Racing Wants Aaron Gwin Back, Whiteley May Pursue Legal Action 1/8/2013 10:43 AM

Its simple. Trek had a LOI. This is usually not legally binding (despite what they say). Gwin knows his time in the limelight is likely limited so he's making the most of it. What gives? If his performance dropped or we hit a major economic downturn Trek would drop him without a regret. So he's doing the same thing. Big whoop. Nothing immoral about it. Supply and demand. Right now there is one of Gwin and a lot of demand. Good for him. Good for the sport. Not a issue of character at all.

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