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Protective - will take hits


The Good: Strong, protective

The Bad: Need to make an XS size


See the review on the FLY Racing Default Helmet. I bought the Fly helmet to replace this one as an inexpensive one for doing training and practice. The Fly failed in less than 24 hours resulting in a fractured jaw. The Giro helmet protected my son with much bigger hits that the Fly and he walked away completely fine.

Buying this one again! Protect you head, protect your face - buy this helmet.

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My son fracture his jaw in a full face impact wearing this helmet. Have any of you had a full face impact yet? If so, did it protect you?

This helmet has only been tested to the bare minimum. It does not cover the chin bar. The plastic on my mobile phone is tougher than this helmet.

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Poor materials - 8 year old fractured jaw at low speed - Best sold @ Toys r Us


The Good: I suppose you could say the looks (from a distance)

The Bad: Poor quality, Strength, Protection, Value. Will take you straight to A&E in a crash.


My son, weighs in at 20kgs and is aged 8. He had a full face impact (nothing unusual here as he has had many whilst BMX racing).

The impact resulted in the Chin Bar cracking and folding back into his face, causing his jaw to fracture and suffer concussion. The Chin Bar is not certified for Downhill usage (make a note of that)! In fact the helmet is only certified at the most basic level for head protection.

Not worth the risk.

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