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Just rode there for the first time this past week. Was so stoked to be there but I could not imagine owning it like that. Very impressive Brendan!

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Superior Chainguide / Bash guard


The Good: Strong, light weight, quiet, looks legit

The Bad: Had to by extra rubber guides to get the color I wanted


I have been searching for a chain guide bash gaurd combo that works well for a while now. They either fit poorly, sound horrible, are too bulky, or just look like junk. The Straitline really caught my eye and from the second I got it and put it on I knew I had made a great purchase. had it on sale. After riding with it I have no complaints only praise for this great piece of engineering. It is such a simple design and just looks and functions so well. I highly recommend purchasing one. If you have Saint cranks you will need to get the one that is set up for saint cranks.

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