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So, I'm sitting here watching Strength in Numbers, which just came out on Netflix, and something didn't seem right. It's been a while since I've seen the movie and, eventually, it hit me. The soundtrack is not the original one. I was expecting Guerilla ... more »

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Teva Pinner


The Good: -Comfortable -Simple look -Good off the bike -Great grip -Great price point

The Bad: -A little warm


I got lucky when I found these seeing as how my FiveTen's were needing replacing. I found them in a local store in the clearance section and I loved them the minute I stepped in.

The Pinner is incredibly comfortable.  The lining is similar to site shoes, which, for many, is incredibly familiar for many flat pedal riders.  The grip is great as well, being the exact same as the Links.

Using them on my pedals, which are missing a fair amount of pins, they have amazing grip.  I didn't feel like they would slip, nor did they feel like they gave too much grip, which was a constant issue with my FiveTen's.  The soles are stiff and that is something that I have constantly looked for in an MTB shoe.  These are also a bit cheaper than your average pair of flat pedal mountain bike sneakers.

My personal gripe with them, is they feel a little warm, but I'll wait till summer for the final judgement on how that goes.  Also, the lack of water-proofing, due to the canvas, makes me a little nervous to ride muddy trails with them.  But, once again, I'll wait till spring to find out just how good or bad they might be when it comes to this.

Overall, I think I found my new all around sneaker.  Just after the first day I found myself pleasantly surprised with them and very happy to be using Teva shoes.

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My edit for this years Claymore Challenge

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wow, its my childhood pretty much grown up

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Hey guys, I got an idea....

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I wanna stick around and see who gets this, so I can put them on my naughty list for winning it instead of me!

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Great freeride jersey


The Good: Comfy and light. Plenty of room for pads.

The Bad: I still can't dunk like Shaq when wearing this.

Overall: Love it. Worth every penny. Not sure if they have any in stock still but pick up the "I ride for Nick's eyes" version and support a great cause while looking fresh!

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