Added a product review for Morewood Bicycles Zula Frame 12/9/2010 4:12 PM

The XC bike that likes to DH!!


The Good: It descends incredibly well! I have it set up with a single ring in the front and it is fast! I race XC and this is my race bike! It pedals well but really likes to go DH! great handling.

The Bad: The only bad thing I can think of is the weight. Its not the lightest bike.

Overall: This bike is a very good trail bike! you can race XC with it and even shred the downhills with a little fiddling with the rear shock. I race XC and Super-D/All Mountain. I like this bike because I can still pedal it really well and then I change the rebound nob like 2or 3 clicks and it has a squishy rear end that's really fun for the more DH courses. Its a great all around XC/ Trail Bike. It is a very well handling bike too. you can point it where you want to go and it will go right there!!

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