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Added a product review for Five Ten Karver Flat Pedal Shoe 4/1/2011 4:13 PM

My favorite 5.10 Shoe


The Good: As with all the stealth rubber FiveTen soled riding shoes, grip is second to none. In particular to the Karver is the lace cover, which in addition to keeping mud and water out of your laces (and feet), it prevents your laces from flying around and catching your bike... True story, at the 2010 Crankworx Garbanzo race, during my race run I clipped a tree with my bar at high speed and the resulting crash somehow ended up with me getting my FiveTen High Impact laces caught up in my seat post collar lever. I spent probably 20-30 secs trying to free myself from the bike as it was on top of me and no amount of struggling would get it off, I just had to slow down and unhook the lace. Looking back, had I been wearing my Karvers with the laces tucked out of the way, this wouldn't have happened. Hindsight's 20/20 or in this case 5.10?

The Bad: Not a lot I don't like, I guess I'd say the womens model not having a lace cover is odd. Maybe make the lace cover removable like in past years?

Overall: hands down the best shoe you'll find for riding flat pedals. Well thought ought design, incredible performance and distinctive style!

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Added a product review for 2010 Trek Scratch 7 Bike 3/31/2010 9:57 AM

The most capable all around MTB you can buy


The Good: Trek have hit a home run in the first year of this bike's existence. It rides everything you can throw at it and will have you wondering why you need to own other bikes. 7" of suspension that you would never know you have when you're climbing and totally active and bottom-less when you're pinning it. The bike is light and flickable in the air, it's seat-angle is ideal for raising the post and climbing. The wheels and tires are outstanding as is the DHX 4.0 rear shock, now with only 3 clicks of Pro-pedal making it much less of a pain in the arse to use.

The Bad: Being an entry level spec there are a few parts that could be better. Most notably the Fox 36 Vanilla R which suffers from a lack of low and high-speed compression damping and as a result is too easily bottomed and dives in the steeps. The dual ring setup in my opinion adds unneeded weight and is loud through rough sections of trail. But this is easily remedied with a simple single ring and guide setup. As with all the gravity oriented Trek offerings for 2010 it would be nice if wider bars were offered (you can always cut them).

Overall: The Scratch is the ONE BIKE you will ever need if you can have only one. It's fast up the hill and down, very comfy to climb with and even more apt to ripping apart the downhill, jumps and anything else you throw it's way. The suspension platform is as close to perfect for an All-Mountain/Freeride rig. 30lbs with a few upgrades is perfectly reasonable and still totally capable.

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Added a product review for 2011 Trek Session 88 Downhill Bike 3/31/2010 7:43 AM

The fastest and lightest DH bike on the market


The Good: Incredible suspension, a huge range of tuning potential, bottom-less travel, zero brake-jack. Outstanding construction quality and impeccable engineering in every bolt, nut, weld and tube. High-end part spec, light and strong. 38lb out of the box.

The Bad: Wheels are strong, but not quite as high-end as the rest of the bike. Not sure anyone runs 28" bars like the ones that comes with... Price is up there, but at the same time you get what you pay for.

Overall: Thoroughly impressed with the bike after 3 weeks riding and 2 races (with a 1st and 3rd to show for it). Didn't have to make hardly any adjustments to my riding to adapt to the bike, other than just to let go of the brakes a bit more and trust it! This thing is a DH weapon. Absolutely rails in the corners and snaps out of them and accelerates like a scalded cat.

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